Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All that glitters...............Is not always good!

Now i never thought i would ever say that!

If i can add glitter to something i will, Nails, Make Up, Clothes....a sparkling accessory will brighten up any ones day.  Even when we were introduced to the Vajazzle by the 'The Only Way Is Essex' despite being slightly sceptical at first, once i saw that it involved sparkly diamante they had me shouting "shut up, i love it" in no time, in fact i could take as far as to say, My name is Grace Kingsley and I'm addicted to glitter!

That was until my Tuesdays nights were taken over by 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'! My normal Tuesday evening routine consists of the latest issue of Look magazine and a cuppa, curled up on the sofa.  When i saw this programme advertised i knew it was going to be right up my street, and judging by the amount of comments on Facebook and Twitter after the first show about 10 million other peoples too!  Now as a self confessed glitter junkie (and believe me it hurts to even think this!), Surely these girls are taking just a tad too far! I swear there was enough crystals on one wedding dress to sink a battleship.....But i still secretly love it!

I think there is a fine line between just the right amount of glitter and looking like a disco ball!  So here are a few tips to pulling it off the right way!

Part of this seasons fashions are based around a subtle amount of glitter with gorgeous metallics and rich looking gun metal silvers.  These colours can be carried through to your clothes, shoes and hand bags (although maybe not all at the same time!) or maybe you would prefer to start smaller by using a shimmering grey eye shadow to get a smokey eye look or add a splash of sparkle to your nails.

I have a few favourite nail varnishes which will keep you looking fabulous and on trend, they are from OPI, which in my opinion are the best nail varnishes for quality and last ages.

The first one is My Private Jet, its dark grey with a rainbow metallic running through it. I love this as its still got that pop of colour even though its dark and edgy!

The second one is called 'Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous', this is a beautiful gun mental metallic grey and is spot on for spring '11 fashion trends.

And finally the third is 'Light My Sapphire'.  This ones breaks the fashion rules slightly, it verges on the side of blue/black rather than grey but its such a great colour.  It has a very slight amount of shimmer. 

The perfect way to wear these darker colours is to keep your nails shorter and neatly shaped, you really don't need great long talons for this look to work. Also remember you choose a fabulous clutch bag to compliment your beautifully fashionable nails!

There are so many ways to be on trend, but I think the key is to keep it simple...........Maybe somebody should tell the girls from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

Grace x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hello Gorgeous!

Well this is very exciting, my very first blog!

Supposedly yesterday was the most depressing day aptly named blue Monday, I don't think it was that bad, but i can understand why people can feel down in January.  The excitement and festivities of Christmas and New Year are over, yet the cost of it all is still here, we have over indulged and feel those extra few pounds tugging at our beautiful couture's, the weather is miserably grey and so is our mood! Well when i saw the sun was shining this morning it made me think how do we flip these feelings back around?

Yes, we may have over indulged and gained a couple of pesky lbs, but the food was yummy and the drinks were flowing and I'm sure we all had an amazing time with memories that will hopefully keep us smiling. As for feeling skint i always think as long as i had a good time that's all that counts (but then I've never been too good with my pennies!), and if you did, then I'm sure you need January to recover from all the partying so just think of this month as a mini break...... normal practise to be resumed on 1st February!

January is the month we all put pressure on ourselves to stick to our New Years (slightly over ambitious) Resolutions!  Well this year i kept mine simple and made just one, LOOK AFTER ME! 
We are such a busy bunch of high flying beauties these days that the little things slip away from us so easily, but this is the time to take it back and make time for yourself. 
Whether its having a relaxing Facial or Massage to help keep you stress free, having your hair colour revamped (new year, new you!) or just brightening up a grey day with a bright pink nail varnish, taking it back to basics can mean we start the year the way we mean to carry on!

Getting yourself into a good beauty regime is a great way to ensure you get that essential "me time".  Whether its having regular waxing or treating yourself to a mani/pedi,  The range of beauty treatments available is never ending.  With new treatments, products, looks and trends coming out all the time, we will keep you informed and looking fabulous!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x