Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FashionistA - Bronzers and Blushers

You may remember in my FashionistA Double Collection Mascara post I mentioned I had a few other goodies I was going to tell you about, well here one of them. These are the Fashionista Mono Blushers and Bronzers. They are designed so you can make you very own custom palette and even better you can mix and match them to get the perfect look for you!

 I was sent a blusher and two bronzers, but one of the bronzers I use as a high lighter!
 Milan - This is a rosy blush with a hint of shimmer, it is a gorgeous colour which gives a really fresh look to the skin
 Tokyo - A matte bronzer which gives the skin a healthy glow
Barcelona - This is also a bronzer but as it is a lot lighter I have been using it as a high lighter.
Here you can see all the colours on the skin, I have packed them on so you can see them better but when you apply then lightly with your make up brushes they are really nice and subtle.

They are all seperates and are priced at £4.00 each, you can also buy the palette at £5.00. FashionistA products are available from Superdrug stores and superdrug.com.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

I was sent these products to review. I have not been compensated financially in any way. My opinion is my own.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Fashion Must Have - Statement Necklaces!

I have seen loads of celebrities wearing big statement necklaces which I am loving! So when I was out shopping I thought I would keep an eye out for one myself, if its good enough for the celebs then its good enough for me!!

I had seen some in the H&M catalogue but when I saw them in the shop they weren't quite what I was looking for. Then I came across this one...it's massive and I love it!

 Surprise surprise its from Primark! It was £5.00 and I think it's going to go with smart and casual outfits!

Even with a plain outfit like this one it adds something with out being too over the top!

What do you think of this trend? Have you bought any statement necklaces, if so where from?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Caviar.....Nails that is!

I know that Caviar nails have been out for a while but I also know that the ranges that are out there can be quite expensive, especially if you want to get a few colours!
Well I just wanted to let you all know that I got some of the caviar beads on eBay from a craft supplier, click here to see the shop.

The beads come in loads of colours and each 40g bag is just £1.99 plus 90p postage (they offer combined postage discount).

 This is a caviar manicure I did on a friend with grey varnish and Silver caviar beads
All you have to do is apply a layer of top coat once you have painted your nails, dip the nail into the caviar beads, wait a minute or so and apply another layer of top coat!

This is such a simple way to brighten up a manicure and now you can do it cheaply too!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Macadamia Oil

Over the past year there have been several variations of hair oils including Macadamia Oil which I have been trying out on my wild mound of hair! Macadamia Oil promises to treat and nourish the hair leaving it smoother and shinier! This all sounds good to me.....but is it just talk or does it actually do what its says?

 Macadamia Healing Oil Spray is a fine mist that absorbs into the hair, it is weightless so doesn't leave a film on the hair, moisturising and shine enhancing.
Deep Repair Masque penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair improving elasticity and giving shine.

The Macadamia Oil product range claims to do the following,
  • Provides intense nourishment
  • Long lasting tangle + frizz free finish
  • Amazing shine and manageability
  • Instantaneous absorption
  • Light-weight, non-greasy feel
  • Extends color treatment life
  • Natural UV protection
  • Reduces drying time 40-50%
Well I have used it for about six weeks now and I can say it definitely does! I have tried so many different products to try and tame my unruly hair and this definitely has made a difference! And another great thing....it smells amazing too!

Have you tried Macadamia Oil? What did you think?

Stay Gorgeous (and frizz free!)

Grace xoxo

Monday, 17 September 2012

Boux Avenue

For those of you who follow me on twitter or Instagram you will have probably seen a few pics from last week when I was lucky enough to be invited along to a press preview of Boux Avenue!

Boux Avenue is a Lingerie chain that's owned by Theo Paphitis. It has opened up its thirteenth store in Cabot Circus in Bristol. Setting itself apart from other lingerie chains by priding itself on attention to detail, superior customer service, and an inclusive size offering (30A to 40H)!

Gone are the days of any busty girls only being able to look at the pretty bras but then having to buy the ones that no one wants!! Boux avenue offers beautiful sets in a huge variety of colours, I was completely wowed when I went in.....The store feels very luxurious, the lay out is very simple yet gorgeous and everything is customer friendly, all the items are stored in pull out draws so you can help yourself, or you can ask for help from the very glamorous staff. They were all super friendly and had a good knowledge of the brand and stock. They offer a free fitting service and in the elegant fitting rooms there is an intercom to concierge to save you poking your head out the door and asking for a different size!! The other great thing in the changing rooms is there is three different light settings Day, Dusk and Night!

Not only can you get gorgeous underwear but you can get sports bras and night wear too, as well as little girly gifts! Ladies all I can say is that you will love it there.....the days of dreading underwear shopping have gone!

The great thing about Boux Avenue is that it isn't only aimed at size 10's it has embraced the curves too! Now there is a lingerie store that works for all shapes and sizes! Robyn Lawly, Australian plus size model represents the brand!

For more info or to see the wide range offered by Boux avenue take a look at their website www.bouxavenue.com

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Friday, 14 September 2012

Fashion Must Have - Scull Scarf

The Alexander McQueen Scull Scarf is known across the globe and is fast becoming a must have accessory. That being said not all of us can afford the £165 - £245 price tag! I have seen lots of copies in the shops over the past year but in my opinion that's exactly what they look like. Well I came across a scarf in my favourite shop....Primark. It is a scull print but is not trying to be a McQueen copy, its one of there jumbo size scarfs which I prefer to the smaller ones they do and is the bargain price of £4.00 (a bit more in my budget!).
 It has a slight worn look to it which I really like and the material is really soft.
As it is a jumbo scarf you can wear it in several different ways, I like to just have it draped around my neck so it hangs down at the front. This is a great scarf for wearing with casual outfits but is also smart enough for a slightly dressier outfit too!

Have you found any designer inspired items in the shops? 

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little Black Bow Nail Design

I haven't done a nail design for ages!!! But this week I have and its really cute....even if I do say so myself!

I got some little nail art bows from eBay, they had them in loads of colours and because I got five I got another five free! Bargain! They were the inspiration for my design!
There isn't a video tutorial to go with this post but I have done step by step photos instead!

 To recreate this design you will need a Base and Top Coat, Red and Black Varnish (all of mine are from OPI but you can use any), a white nail art paint and a nail art bow.
 After applying your base coat paint your four fingers red and the thumb black
 Once the red has dried for a while paint french tips in black
 Add white polka dots to the black areas
and then add your bow (add a dot of top coat to the nail and the bow will stick to it) and finish off with your top coat!

This is a really quick and easy design to do and you could always change the colours if you prefer.

I hope you like it! If you want to get the Bows here is the link to the eBay shop I got mine through.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - The down side to losing weight!

As you will know from last weeks WLW post I cant attend my weigh in for a few weeks so there wont be any weight updates for now. But this week I wanted to write about a weight loss issue I'm having!!

Now don't get me wrong the pro's hugely out weigh the con's when it comes to weight loss but one thing I am struggling with is......lose skin! Now its not like its hanging off my body but it definitely hasn't caught up with the fact I've lost weight.

I have lost six stone which is a big amount of weight. Unfortunately due to the fact I was on crutches for ten months it meant I couldn't do any exercise to accompany my diet. I know the sensible way is to do the two side by side which would mean you can tone up as you go but my body hasn't done that!

I think that a lot of people that are trying to lose weight assume that once they have lost their weight that they will be in a happier place.....that is mainly true but I would love to be much happier with my body. I love the fact that I can now go shopping and know my size and that so many more options have been opened in regards to shopping but what I hate is that I couldn't go on holiday and be happy with my body on the beach.

So now that I have been cleared to do more exercise I really want to get in to a routine that will see me achieve my dream beach body (but I think it will now be for next summer unless a miracle happens in the next couple of weeks and then I get whisked away to some hot place!! hehe)

Next summer I WILL look like this........
(...probably not but a girl can dream!)

So armed with my trainers and toning creams I'm off to the gym! ;)

Do you have any tips for toning up? Have you suffered with body issues despite losing the weight?

Stay Gorgeous 

Grace xoxo

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FashionistA - Double Collection Mascara

Hey Sugars,

I recently received a package full of goodies from FashionistA which included The Double Collection Mascara.
 Available from Superdrug stores and superdrug.com priced at £8.00
As with all double ended mascaras the idea is that you use the different layers to build length and volume. Now I have to say I have never been a huge fan of this concept as to be honest I have only ever found one that actually works, well FashionistA have changed my mind! I loved the result I got from this mascara.

My naked lashes (please excuse the HUGE bags under my eyes!!)
 Step 1 - Ultra Lengthening Base coat
Step 2 - Intense Colour coverage and volume. 
Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the lashes quite as thick as they were in real life! The sample I was sent was in Brown / Black, I think the plain black one would give even more definition.
I have naturally long lashes but they are very straight, I love how they are more curled and even longer after applying the double collection mascara!

I would definitely recommend this mascara, its now in my make up bag and I have been out to get more for my Make Up kit! 

What do you think about double ended mascaras? Will you be giving this one a try? I think you should! Keep an eye out for reviews on the other goodies I was sent!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

I was sent this product to review. I have not been compensated financially in any way and all opinions are my own. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion Must Have - Primark Studded Clutch Bag

For a while now studs (not the male variety!) have been very much at the fore front of fashion and this coming season sees them still up there! To be honest this is a style that I wasn't too keen on at first but it has grown on me and now I'm loving it! 

Zara have a collection of studded clutch bags which all come with a heafty price tag....
 So imagine my reaction when I found this little beauty in Primark!

 I'm not so keen on the tassel but its removable so that's ok!

And its a steal at just £6.00!!

I'm predicting this is going to fly off the shelves so if you like it I would hurry down to primark as soon as possible!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Confession time!

So its been a long time since I did a Weight Loss Wednesday.....This is purely down to being majorly busy! Ok that's not completely true! I have slightly fallen off the diet wagon!!!!

I have not been able to make it to my weigh in for a few weeks due to my work schedule which is really frustrating as its too easy to think I can have a bad day as I have an extra week.....but even though I have tried my best to stay on track its not so easy!

At last count I was still down -85lbs which I'm obviously still very happy with but when I only have another stone to get to my goal its really frustrating that I have lost the weight loss bug!

Falling off the wagon has been a mixture of working on set where we are catered for and a lack of organisation on my part! But I'm hoping that by confessing to you all it might shame me back on track! I cant get back to weigh in's until the end of September but I will try and stay on track so I am pleasantly surprised when I do step on the scales!!

Do you have any tips for getting back on track? Hope you guys that are losing weight are doing well!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo  

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

MUA - Gel Eyeliners

MUA have bought out four new Gel Eyeliners which are perfect for staying on trend with your make up. I was very lucky to be sent two to try out! They are highly pigmented and come in four shades black, Blue, Brown and Grey.

The lid contains a eyeliner brush which makes these perfect for your hand bag!
 On The Move - a natural Brown
 Tribe - a bold Blue
The colours are really vibrant and apply to the skin with ease. The other great thing is they stay put!
With the creamy consistency you can also use these as a base on your eye lids or smudge it out to create a smoky look!

The Gel Eyeliners are available from Superdrug or muastore.co.uk and are priced at just £3.00!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

I was sent these products to review. I have not been compensated financially in any way and all opinions are my own. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Make Up Monday - Khloe Kardashian

So it's been forever since I did a Make Up Monday but I have filmed a celebrity inspired one for you!

This week's Make Up Monday is inspired by Khloe Kardashian. As I'm sure many of you are aware I am a little obsessed with the Kardashians so who better to re start M-U-M's with!

I came across this picture when I was googling something the other day and loved the look so I thought I would recreate it! Khloe is known for wearing a smoky eye so I have recreated this look using my Naked 2 Palette.

I used a mix of Bootycall and Foxy as my base colours, Busted over the whole lid and took it above the crease on the outer corner. To give more drama I applied Blackout to the very outer corner and continued it down along the lower lash line. Apply black eyeliner to the lower water line and apply your lashes or mascara and and that's your completed look! All the colours listed are from the naked 2 palette but you can use and similar colours that you have.

Here is my video tutorial which shows you how I got this look.....

I hope you like it!

Happy Make Up Monday.

Stay Gorgeous
Grace xoxo