Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Favourites!

I can't believe June is over already, that means we are half way through the year!
Well here are my favourite products for June.

As many of you know I am a Soap & Glory addict and have been trying out some of their skin care products, The Fab pore hot cloth cleanser is a creamy face wash that contains almond oil, orange and lavender, its really gentle on the skin. Glow Job daily radiance cream is my favourite moisturiser take a look at my review for more info! And Super Eyes an uplifting eye gel, although I don't really have any wrinkles yet I seemed to get little lines around my eyes when I smiled and after using this gel the skin is a lot firmer and the lines are barely there!

I'm almost sure that most people have been out and bought or have seen plenty of reviews about the Monaco Palette from sleek, I'm not going to babble on about it but it is great and the colours are perfect for summer! Luminous Pressed Powder from Sleek works really well either on top of your foundation or on its own, it has a small amount of shimmer, just enough to give you a fresh look (and not turn in to a glitter ball!), it also has an SPF15 built in. Falsies from Maybeline, LOVING this mascara, it gives a great amount of volume and fullness on the lashes with out any clumping. And Posie Tint from Benefit, This is another one that almost everyone rushed out to get Glamour magazine for (Benetint & Highbeam were also available), Its great for the summer as a pretty pink shade it works well on your cheeks and on your lips with a touch of gloss over the top. Perfect handbag product!

I feel a bit mean putting this one in but I just love love love it! Many of you will have heard about the GOSH Holographic nail varnish which is now one of the most difficult varnishes to get your hands on, Unless your lucky like me and manage to get it on ebay at a decent price (£12.00 including postage) you could find yourself paying upwards of £29.00 to get your hands on a bottle! It is so pretty on but I have to say I'm saving it for special occasions so it doesn't run out!

Take a look at my Video, please feel free to leave comments or video responses

Well that's all my favourites, what are yours?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wild Nail Wraps!

Whilst at Primark last week I came across some little packs of nail wraps. I've never been too sure about nail wraps, I've heard a real mix of opinions, some people say they are better on toes than fingers, they don't wear very well, they are expensive! But on the good side there are great designs available which I have always admired like I'm a child in a sweet shop! As I have konad and bundle monster stamping kits I have always been content with replicating designs that way but when I found these at Primark I couldn't resist and at £3.00 it just had to be done!

I chose a gold Leopard print, I did see three other designs too. The pack contains 18 nail wraps (I'm not sure why its not twenty so you could get two full sets?!).
This is what they look like on the nails!

 Bangle £2.00 from Primark!

They are really easy to apply, you will need a nail file and a hair dryer to apply the wraps and you should have a gorgeous set of talons in less than 10 mins, plus no drying time required which is a huge bonus! All you need to do is gently buff the nail plate (just enough to take the shine off), gently apply the wrap and then with a hair dryer heat the wrap (be careful not to burn yourself) the wrap will now be more pliable so you can smooth it out across the nail. With the excess at the tip use a nail file to scrape over and it will gently break away. See easy!

To see how to apply the nail wraps take a look at my tutorial!

The down side to this pack is the sizes aren't great, I do have a couple of nails with gaps at the side but you wouldn't notice unless you are really inspecting them! For £3.00 they are a bargin and one tip I have is that you could use the excess pieces that you file off from your finger nail and apply them to your toes nails. In all honestly I don't know how long they will last but I have applied a top coat over the top to try and seal them a bit! I will keep you up to date on twitter to keep an eye out!

Have you tried other nail wraps? How did you get on with them? What are your recommendations for making them last longer? I would love to hear so please leave me some comments!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

let me introduce myself

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I thought I would take a moment to tell you a bit about me!

My name is Grace, I'm 29 and I live in Bristol. I'm a beauty therapist, Hairdresser and Make Up artist. I have run my own business for the past 9 years. I would class myself as a generally happy person, I'm kind (maybe too kind) and sympathetic (to a degree!) and I would definitely say I'm a good friend to have. I am a big family girl, my family means everything to me.

I am single and on a quest to find my prince charming, If any of you know any please do let me know, they seem to be in short supply and I have kissed enough frogs to last a life time! My main goal is to find what makes my ultimately happy, other than cocktails and chocolate of course! I am also searching for the slim girl that I know is trapped in my currently not so slim frame, all hail Weight Watchers (watch out for weight loss Wednesdays)!

My down side is that I do take things personally and I definitely dwell on things, but one of my many goals for this year was to work on that, as my sister says I need a bit more Bitch in me! So maybe this could be the year of the semi bitch, I don't want to take it too far, remember I wouldn't like it if people were mean about me and I would dwell on it for ages! haha.

I would also say I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which is good and bad, It kind of means I'm constantly striving for goals that are sometimes not very realistic, what I want to know is how do fully except you for you? how can you just be happy with your lot? Well challenge excepted, I'm making it my mission to try and find the answer to those questions, watch out now!

What makes you happy? Have you got any tried and recommended ideas for brighten up your life? Please let me know. I would love to hear about you all, who you are, what you do and if there is ever anything you would like me to cover please shout! You can leave comments here (if you want a personal reply please leave your email) or follow me on twitter.

Until next time,

Grace xx

Why thank you.....You're too kind!

Well recently I have been award two blogger awards which is really lovely!

First of all was a TOP TEN award!
The rules are you have to link back to the person who awarded you, list your 10 favourite products and then award your Top 10 bloggers, so here goes!

The lovely Ev from Mozzarella & Make Up awarded me (thank you very much!).

1.Cool Palette - Nars
2.Dallas - Benefit
3.Lasting Finish mineral enriched foundation - Rimmel
4.Rosy Lips - Vaseline
5.That Gal primer - Benefit
6.Falsies Mascara - Maybeline
7.Glow Job Moisturiser - Soap & Glory
8.Suger Grapefruit Hand Cream - Love & Toast
9.Luminous Pressed Powder - Sleek
10.Erase Paste - Benefit

TOP TEN BLOGGERS (in no particular order)
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Catherine Loves
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Then I was awarded a Stylish Bloggers award! The Rules are to link back to the person who awarded you, give 7 facts about yourself and then award 15 bloggers!

The lovely Veronica from Chic and Shiny and Lady Luck from Lady Luck awarded me (thank you!).

1. My favourite colour is pink
2. I have a Deutsch hound called Jonny
3. My favourite vegetable are courgettes
4. I was once in the paper for being the best beauty therapist in Bristol
5. I was almost on the 6 o'clock news giving skin care advice for an elephant at Bristol zoo!
6. My middle name is Isobel (named after my grandma)
7. My favourite cake is cherry red velvet cake with cream cheese icing! Yum Yum!

Colores de Carol
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Wow, so there you go! You have plenty of reading to do now, if you don't follow these blogs already they are definitely worth a peek!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x

Monday, 27 June 2011


I have been thinking about writing this blog for a little while now and keep talking myself in and out of it! But when I mentioned it to my mum she said "if your thinking about it you should do it!" so here I am!

I already have a beauty and style blog, but I wanted this one to be a bit different. More personal I guess. I have had a tough few months and have over come a few challenges along the way, and I started to think, well I wont be the only person that goes through things so maybe I could put myself out there and lend a helping hand when it comes to finding ways to deal with everyday situations that life throws at you (all too often for my liking!)

I want to cover everything here, maybe even work my way towards taking over the world one day, one issue at a time! Ok, maybe not that but I do want to have a laugh and make life a little lighter!

From relationships, confidence issues, weight and friendships we all come across times when we just want to hide under the duvet with a big bar of chocolate and not come out again until its all sorted itself out, but unfortunately we all have to pull ourselves together and sort it out ourselves! Every person deals with things in different ways, and no way is necessarily right or wrong, I'm hoping to share with you my life whether I chose the right option or if I grabbed the chocolate and am still hiding under my duvet!

I don't want it to be all doom and gloom, I think you have to find the best in most situations and if you can look back and laugh you will feel all the better for it! I do tend to laugh a lot (quite often at myself, and not because I'm a comedian) and I think laughter can be the best cure so feel free to laugh at my expense!

I really hope you will enjoy my future posts, If they help then mission accomplished, but if they just give you the chance to think you have found someone with more funnyiosities than you then that's great too!

So get ready for the life of Grace!

Grace xx

Make Up Monday - Primers

With the amazing weather we had yesterday meaning an increase in "my make up is melting off" tweets I thought that it would be a good time to do a Make Up Monday on cosmetic Primers!

Even though I am a make up artist I used to be a bit dubious of primers, in fact I thought they were a waste of time and in the end stopped using them! But my view has now changed and that is due to the increased quality of the products that are now available compared to what was around just a few years ago!

Primers are a must, especially for photographic and bridal work. The idea behind them is to give you a good even base to work on and also help your make up stay where you put it all day! I don't know why they are so different now but they are and I'm going to show you my favourites that are in my kit!

 That Gal from benefit is a creamy pink primer that has brightening agents in, it gives a smooth finish to work on and is a great summer product for those of you who like to brave it with out foundation! You use a small amount and apply over the whole face to give a fresh and bright look, then apply make up as normal.

Lemon Aid colour correcting primer from benefit. Its a pale lemon coloured cream that when applied to the eyes will even out any discolouration on the eye lid. I love this product as it gives you an even base to work on or you could where it on its own.

 The Primer palette from sleek comprises of 12 coloured primer creams for the eyes. This is a great palette to have as when you are creating full coloured eye looks it will give you a great base, will keep the eye shadow in place but best of all will give your colour more depth as you are working on a coloured base rather than a white/cream one! at around £6.50 this is a bargin product!

Lip Plump from benefit is great for getting fuller looking lips. Its neutral in colour so will make your favourite red lippy stand out! It works by giving the lips a smooth finish and also helps to fill fine lines which will give you the perfect pout!

There are loads of different primers out there but these are just a couple of my favourite ones! The nice thing with the benefit products I've mentioned is that I originally got them as part of sets, they were trial sizes which is great as you can give them a go before splashing the cash on the full sizes!

What do you guys think of primers? Are there any you would recommend? Let me know.

I hope you all have a great Make Up Monday.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Weekly Blog Round Up - week 13

This weeks works of art!

Sharon had everything looking rosy

Dawn showed off her talent for water marbling

Theresa shows us her Gelish Silver Fade

Grace enjoyed some Strawberries & Cream

Claire impressed us with her magnetic nail varnish  
Sarah has something fishy going on!

Lady Luck is getting ready for summer

Trisha is trend setting with ombre nails

Have a great weekend!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Strawberries & Cream

This week I have done a fun and simple nail design. My inspiration was this super sparkly ring that I got from Primark for £2.00! As well as the sparkles it is Wimbledon this week and as Strawberries and cream are symbolic (as well as the tennis obviously!) of the event I thought this was the perfect time for my strawberries and cream design!

To get the look I used a red and white nail varnish, Bundle monster plate BM05 for the strawberry and then red, green and white nail art paints.

And here is the final look!

I chose to do a reverse design on the ring finger but you could keep all the nails the same if you prefer!
I have had quite a few comments about my nails and a lot of people thought they were nail wraps! I love using the nail stamps as you can get the look of nail wraps with out the cost!

Check out my tutorial video to see how to get the look!

I hope you like this weeks design!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Make Up Monday - Turquoise Temtation

This weeks Make Up Monday is a Turquoise Temptation eye make up look!

I have used some gorgeous bright turquoise and blue shades from the Monaco palette from Sleek which is definitely one of my June favourites!

The look is graduated from a sparkly white through to dark blue (summer breeze, aquamarine and midnight blue), it is a look you could wear in the day and then pop on some false lashes and extra eye liner for the evening! 

I finished the look by adding some blusher and a Pink lip stick from benefit (picked up in paradise).

I love summer make up as you can use bright colours to create different looks!

To see how I got this look take a look at my tutorial video
(Don't forget to subscribe and never miss a Make Up Monday!)

I hope you have a great Make Up Monday.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Weekly Blog Round Up - week 12

Take a look at this weeks creations!

Grace was inspired by Cosmo to create this cute summer manicure 

Ladyluck had fun with her French manicure 

Sharon created a holographic leopard design 

The Nail Addict tested and reviewed P2 crackle 

Stacie freestyled with black, blue and holographic polishes 

Claire was inspired by her Swatch watch 

Sarah stamped a stylized pastel peacock design 

Lena watched the trends for summer

Pink Wednesday was rosey for Jen 

Ari entered a competition 

That’s so fresh stamped on China Glaze yellow polka dot bikini 

Lingling announced the winners of her contest

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tweet Meet

Last week in Bristol I managed to hop along (I almost mean that quite literally as I'm still on crutches!) to a tweet meet that had been arranged by Laura Kilby from Whats hot Bristol. It was an opportunity to meet fellow twitter members in our area. For some it would have been a great networking opportunity from a business point of view and for others it was purely a socialising event.

It was held at Whitelock & Grace, a boutique bar which is known for its cocktails. There was food that had been provided by Chandos deli and amazing sweet treats from Harts Bakery.

The organiser Laura from What's Hot Bristol

Some of the yummy treats Laura from Harts Bakery provided, If your not in Bristol you are missing out on something seriously good!
My gorgeous Mama, Me with Kirsten from The wedding helper, and the stylish bar at Whitelock & Grace

There were loads of people there, it was really nice to meet new people and nice to chat on twitter to the ones I didn't get a chance to talk to on the night.
It was a great evening and I would say to anyone that gets the chance to go along to a tweet meet definitely go, you just never know who you may meet!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Summer Nails

In this months copy of Cosmopolitan there is a summer beach beauty section and one of the models has a really summery nail design on her toes (which it says she did herself!).
This is the original design in Cosmopolitan
As my feet are no where near ready for a summer outing and certainly not in a fit state to be anywhere near a camera I have recreated the look on my finger nails!

I used Fiercely Fiona from OPI for the yellow base and then used nail art paints for the designs. 

In the magazine the model said she uses cocktail sticks / tooth picks to paint the design which is a great tip for any one who doesn't have nail art brushes. They also used nail varnish instead of nail art paint so recreating this design is easy as you can use things you already have!

I have used roughly the same colours as they have in the magazine but you could use what ever you like and put your own creative twist on it! This design is great for the summer and its super simple to do. 

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Street Chic - Bristol Launch!

On Saturday I went along to the launch of My Street Chic in Cabot Circus in Bristol where they were attempting to create as many Top Knots as possible in one day! As you know I love a good top knot so it sounded like a good plan to me!

Top Knotting in action!

Not only were there hairdressers from Robin James on hand to get you top knotted, a team from Bobbi Brown were there carrying out mini make overs and the ladies from the Sanctuary were completing the chic-overs with a mini manicure! You literally could walk away glamed up and ready for your Saturday night adventures!

As if all of that wasn't enough the My Street Chic team were giving away goodie bags which were full of great products!

 Inside my reusable My Street Chic material bag was a bottle of Vitamin water, A full size can of Batiste coloured dry shampoo, A texturising styling spray for beachy waves from Tommy Gunns, Lip liner from 2True, Perfume sample, MyStreetChic Lip balm and discount vouchers and some Jelly Belly beans.....To sum up - AMAZING!

 The My Street Chic team Gina, Sian and Penny

Whilst I was there they did a small video interview with me (eeek), one of the questions they asked me was "what does chic mean to me?",
My answer - chic to me was someone who has the confidence to make their own style, someone who shows their individuality through their style and is happy doing it! is the perfect website for embracing your own style and showing it off, and if you have yet to grab your own style by the horns why not take a look and get some inspiration from some of the other Bristol Fashionista out there! It's free to join and you can put photos on your own profile and become part of your very own fashion community! It's a great concept and one I cant believe hasn't been done before, so now that My Street Chic is here what are you waiting for, reveal your inner fashion goddess to the world! The website will definitely put Bristol on the fashion map and will be making its way to many other Cities over the UK.

By the end of the launch the team had completed 66 top knots which is amazing! It is now set as the world record for the number of top knots achieved in one day!
Gina Dyers, Editor of My Street Chic had this to say about the event "We are absolutely thrilled to have set the record for the highest number of topknots completed in a day! is all about reflecting the trends as they’re interpreted by real people down your street, so we’re delighted that so many Bristolians turned out to help us achieve this"
Here Javier from Robin James works his magic creating a record breaking top knot and some finished creations (photos courtesy of Browyn Hayward)

 For more info either take a look at their website and you can follow the @MyStreetChic team on twitter

So what does CHIC mean to you?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Make Up Monday - Summer Nights Make Up look

Happy Make Up Monday! 

This week I have created a Summer Night Make Up look, It's based around the smoky eye but by using brighter colours it's perfect for those balmy summer nights (that is if we ever get any!!).

Most of the look I have created today has been done using my NARS cool palette, which for those of you who follow this blog will know I found it last week and rekindled my love for it! 

The completed look!

For the eyes I used Lemon Aid from Benefit as my primer, then I applied a mix of a light turquoise (cleo duo), poppy blue (gigi) and a vivid purple (lulu) which were all from NARS, to give a smoky effect, I added black liner to the outer third of my water line and some black mascara (I'm currently using Falsies from maybelline).

I used a coral blush (orgasm) and a highlighting cream (copacobana) both from NARS on my cheeks for a lighter summery look.

And to finish off the look I applied a cream gloss (baby doll) from NARS to give a barely there glossy pink finish.

For a full tutorial take a look at my Make Up Monday Video!

I hope you like this look, I think it will be great for the summer and is the perfect way to experiment with different colours.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Every one loves a freebie!!

When the weather is miserable outside like it is today there's nothing better than lounging on the sofa and having a good flick through some magazines to catch up on the goss. Especially at the moment when there are so many freebies that come with them!

I have picked up a couple but whilst I was in the magazine section I really was spoilt for choice, These are just a few that I spotted!

 Marie Claire are offering either a mineral Eye Liner or Eye shadow from Inika 
Glamour have teamed up with benefit cosmetics and are offering you a choice of Benetint, High Bean or Posie tint. And they have dropped the price of the magazine to just £2.00, this way you could collect all three for just £6.00! 

You can also get a Jemma Kidd lip gloss from her spring/summer collection with Red magazine and a free Leighton Denny nail varnish with Harpers BAZAAR.

Although there is no free gift with Cosmopolitan this month it does have a sample of Clinique tinted moisturise and a Veet Wax strip for you to try!

I'm pretty sure that with all the goodies you can get with magazines this month you could almost complete your  summer make up look!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Weekly Blog Round Up - week 11

Another week has flown by but the round up girls have been busy, take a look at this weeks best of the best!

Sarah created a psychedelic design using konad plate

Jen created a pretty design using China Glaze for Audrey

Claire tested out OPI's Glam Slam! Spark de Triomphe & White Shatter

Stacie was inspired by Cath Kidston Strawberry Oilcloth

Sharon had the blues

Ladyluck tried her hand at Cherry Blossoms

The Nail Addict created a summer manicure

Ari created a wedding manicure

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tie Dye Nails!

After seeing Tie Dye has become a must have print for the coming season in the magazines it conjured up all sorts of images in my mind, the main one being a tie dye T-shirt I loved when I was younger.....I know I was too cool for school even when I was young (NOT!)!

The main problem with fashion trends like loud coloured prints is that it tends to be something you wear for a short amount of time and then it really doesn't fit in with the next passing trend, this also means that you may end up splashing the cash and not really get your moneys worth of wear from your fashion purchases! Well I have a small solution which will help you stay on trend but with out having to spend the money!

Use your nails as fashion accessories, you are more than likely going to already have nail varnishes and I have the designs so problem solved!

 This Tie Dye design is the perfect way to add colour and be completely on trend
 I have used three colours to create my look, Catch me in your netFiercely Fiona & Shorts story all from OPI. I also used Nail Eny as my base coat and Start-To-Finish as my Top coat.
To get this look simply apply your chosen colours in lines and whilst they are still wet use a nail art tool or coctail stick and drag the colours through each line which creates the tie dye look!

With this design is you can use what ever varnishes you want to go with an outfit or just pick out your favourite colours. Another thing you could do is paint a thin layer of colour as a base, this will show through ever so slightly if any gaps appear where you have dragged the colours through.

If you want to see exactly how I did this design please take a look at my tutorial!
I hope you like this design and if you do recreate it I would love to see so send me some pics on facebook or twitter!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello My Long Lost Friend!

Whilst I was rumaging through my make up stash I found this little beuty at the bottom of a box! Its the Cool Palette from Nars, and I'm so happy I found it again!
Now I know I have a lot of make up but I wasn't aware I had so much I could forget even having something like this! The colours are perfect for summer as they are cool shades and they will work really well for colour blocking!

This palette is great as it is almost a one stop item (obviously you will need a couple of extra products to complete a whole make up routine) so is great for chucking in your handbag so you can glam on the run!

The palette consists of a selection of shades for Eyes, Cheeks and lips and the Cool Palette includes:
Himalayas - an opal white / pink
Cairo - shimmering Taupe
Lulu - Vivid Purple
Gigi - Poppy Blue

Orgasm - the world famous coral blush!
Copacabana - a pearly highlighting cream

Mitzi - Deep nude
Napoli - Amber nude
Galactica - Pearlesent glossy top coat
Baby Doll - Pearly Pink

These palettes are priced at around £49.00 which may seem a little pricey but with all the products you get its actually really good value for money. I have had mine for a few years now and although it's not something I use everyday It has lasted really well! I have how ever bought one of the lip colours as it was running out (bet you can't guess which one it is!!) so that I didn't run out of it in the palette!

I have created a summer smokey eye using this palette so watch out for that next Make Up Monday!

I'm so glad I found this, I feel like I have some new make up but with out the dent on my bank balance!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Make Up Monday - Contour & Highlight

Contouring and highlighting are two make up works that can cause several reactions - a look of being completely clueless, confusion, and in some of us fear of looking stripy! Well fear not I am here to help, it is Make Up Monday after all!

When I first started training as a beauty therapist we covered make up at a basic level and if I'm completely honest that would have been the first time I had heard of contouring and highlighting when it came to applying make up. As it was explained to me I definitely had the look of being completely clueless (although I do tend to carry that look quite often!) and all I could envisage was three varying coloured stripes on the side of my face?!

Well once I had put this technique to practice I nailed it and it is something I do in my every day make up routine and a must for any bridal make ups I do too.

The idea behind it is to create more definition to your face shape whether you have great cheek bones or not! For those of us who are not lucky enough to have naturally highly defined bone structure this is a great trick to learn!

This technique is carried out in three steps, as shown in my beautiful diagram below!
This gives you a rough idea how you would apply your three  colours!
1. CONTOUR - You use a darker product, either a contouring powder or bronzer, and create a soft line that runs along the underneath of the cheek bone (you make wish to make a 'fish face' to get the position correct). This will give the illusion of the face being slightly hollowed which in turn makes the cheek bone stand out more.
2. BLUSHER - Use your blusher applying from the apple of the cheeks in a soft line up towards the bottom of your temples (by smiling when applying you will get a better idea of where to apply).
3. HIGHLIGHT - For this you can use a cream or powder. Apply the product just above the top line of your blusher, be careful to blend completely if you are using a cream product.

To see in more detail how to contour and highlight take a look at my tutorial!

This is a really simple and easy make up technique which once you have the application right you will have have everyone fooled by your super model cheek bones!
If you have any questions about contouring and highlighting, or if there are any make up techniques you would like me to cover in a Make Up Monday post please get in touch.

Have a great Make Up Monday!

Stay Gorgeous
Grace x