I LOVE ME Challenge

This year I have started a challenge called I LOVE ME.

The idea behind this challenge is to help people out there who suffer with things like anxiety, depression, confidence issues, low self esteem and many more issues.

I will be setting challenges through out the year, some will be general and some more specific and hopefully people will follow with me through out the year and then by the end of 2013 they will be feeling like the best version of them they can be!

The main way to over come many of these issues is to believe in yourself and I want to help everyone do that.

I will be posting the I Love Me Challenges as blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel.

I don't profess to be an expert or qualified to diagnose anything but I can talk from my heart and draw on my life experiences.....I have had a really tough couple of years and know I could benefit from these challenges, and that is what made me realise I'm not the only person so I really hope I can help others as well as myself.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this challenge please feel free to join in and share, you may want to just join in on the weeks that are relevant to you or do the whole thing.

So to keep up with the I LOVE ME Challenge click on the links below or my YOUTUBE channel.

Be Happy, Grace xoxo

The I LOVE ME Challenge - Introduction 
I LOVE ME Challenge #1 - 2013 Jar
I LOVE ME Challenge #2 - Add a bit of Glamour to your life
I LOVE ME Challenge #3 - Don't sweat the small stuff
I LOVE ME Challenge #4 - Aknowledge
I LOVE ME Challenge #5 - Do What makes you happy
I LOVE ME Challenge #6 - There's NO comparison
I LOVE ME Challenge #7 - Write your OWN story
I LOVE ME Challenge #8 - Surround yourself with happiness
I LOVE ME Challenge #9 - Stress Bucket

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