Wednesday 7 March 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week saw the scales drop by 
I am slightly disappointed as I really wanted to have lost 1 lb this week but any loss is better than no loss!

Last week I celebrated my birthday and as I really wanted to see a loss on the scales I decided I was still going to stick to the plan! So armed with a weight watchers cook book my mum chose some recipes for my birthday tea..... and no, you are never too old for birthday tea!

So we had chicken skewers, prawn and asparagus salad, new potatoes and roasted peppers with pesto! YUM! As if all of that wasn't enough we even had room for some cake! Now my favourite cake in the world is red velvet and my mum makes it the best, but this year whilst I'm on my mission to stay on track we went with a weight watchers chocolate torte which was only 5 pp for a slice....Don't worry I polished my halo!!

 Here is the yummy cake and to make it extra special my gorgeous mummy added some glitter!
Here I am having my cake and eating it too!! And I don't feel at all guilty!

So it just goes to show you can lose weight even when you have a special occasion in the diary, but saying that I am going out to celebrate properly this coming weekend so it may be a totally different story next WLW!! I have already chosen my menu and I did go for sensible options and I have my 49 weekly pro points for a couple of cocktails, fingers crossed I have it sussed!!

How did you guys get on this week? Would anyone like the recipe for WW chocolate torte?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Well done you! half a pound is pretty good-at least its coming off! :) x

    1. Thanks lovely, you are right, it's definitely better than half a pound on! xoxo

  2. Ahh well done Grace, I couldn't make it to weigh in this week due to packing and flat viewings but by my scales I had lost a pound, which I was pretty chuffed with. Good Luck for next week! xxx

    1. Thats good sweet! Hope moving goes well! I cant wait to see pics of the new place when I see you next! xoxo


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