Friday, 5 July 2013

Base coats & Top coats......Necessity?

This is an age old question, do I have to use a base coat and top coat?

The idea of using a base coat is that it will put a protective layer between the nail and the varnish, it should stop the varnish staining the nail plate and it will also give the varnish something to grip to.
Base coats can also be used to treat the nails, if you have dry, peeling, brittle nails there will be a treatment base coat for you.

Using a top coat will always give you a great shine to the finish of your varnish, it will also help to seal the varnish to the nail and make your manicure last longer.

No top coat can promise a guaranteed two week manicure as it comes down to how heavy handed you are with your nails! My mum for instance can keep nail varnish on for up to two weeks, me on the other hand (excuse the pun) can manage about three days!

I use OPI products and have done for the past eight years, professionally and personally I love their products and although I do try others I always end up going back to the good old Nail Envy base coat and the OPI quick dry top coat.

So to answer the question....Well no you don't have to but it will make a huge difference if you do!

What are your favourite Base coats and Top coats?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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