Monday, 21 February 2011

Confident Curves

I love magazines, the fashion, the gossip, the hair and make up and all things pretty, but there is something i really hate, the negative focus on body image! I buy the glossies to see what the celebrities were wearing at the Grammys or what new product my life wouldn't be complete with out, not so see some poor celeb being criticised for putting too much salad in their mouth whilst out for diner!  The emphasis for too long has been to be skinny, but the craze for size zero is sooo last year, CURVES ARE BACK!

We now have permission to embrace our curves and about time too!! And with the media using more and more "normal" sized models it should give us all the boost we need to enjoy our curves, what ever size or shape we are. All hail Kim Kardashian and Beyonce for showing us how sexy (and normal) curves are! 

It seems that everything has been given a boost, the hair has more volume, the eyelashes have more flutter and the heels have become taller, it almost seems the bigger the better.  But whilst we are celebrating our beautiful curves by dressing in figure hugging couture, there is one really important element that may be being over looked and that's actually feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin!

I'm a firm believer in the fact that beauty starts from with in, and if you feel gorgeous on the inside you are bound to look great on the outside.  Here are a few everyday tips to have you oozing confidence any time, any place!

This may seem like a bit of a faff to do every morning but actually it will take you two minutes and you will see and feel results very quickly.  The idea behind body brushing is to increase blood circulation, exfoliate the skin and help toxin removal, and as I'm sure most of you know reducing toxin build up helps to reduce cellulite.  If you do this in the morning before you jump in the shower, always brush towards the heart and in no time you will notice a difference!

Having products that feel good on your skin and smell great is a really important part of getting ready.  My favourite body products are from soap and glory, not only does it do exactly what it says it does, its smells amazing and the packaging is pink!  my bathroom is a wash of pink as its full to the brim of body wash, body butter, shampoo, body scrubs, if soap and glory make it i probably have it! my top favourites are the "clean on me" a creamy moisturising body wash, "breakfast scrub" a sugar scrub with Shea butter and "the righteous butter" a rich fragrant body butter which leaves the skin super hydrated and smooth.  The range of products they offer is huge but every item is gorgeous!

A sure fire way to make you look healthy is a spray tan, now I'm not talking a jersey shore snooki style tan, just a natural light glow will suffice, it just has an amazing way of  giving you a little confidence boost.  Giving your finger nails a shape and paint will give you the groomed look, even if its just a clear coat of varnish it will just put the finishing touches to your routine. A good product to use is OPI Nail Envy, its gives a chic shiny finish whilst strengthening the nails at the same time!  Perfume is also a great way to make you feel gorgeous, you may have what you would class as your signature scent or a few favourites you love to wear, my sister always have a bottle of perfume in her bag and not only does she always look great she smells amazing too.

I think the most important thing to looking and feeling gorgeous is to do what makes you feel good, whether its a quick 30minute routine or a full on 3 hour session!

And my most important beauty tip ever......SMILE, because you are beautiful!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x x

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