Thursday, 3 March 2011


I just wanted to tell about one of my favourite nail products.
Black Shatter is from OPI and is so simple to use.

With nail art making a come back this season, using this product is a great way to achieve an on trend look with out much expense or spending hours trying to get your nails looking perfect!

The idea behind Black Shatter is that as it dries on the nail it gives a crackle effect and the colour you used as your base will pop through. You can use any colour you like or even use it as part of a french manicure to get a different look!

The key to using this product is to work fairly fast with it as the varnish dries very quickly and once its on the nail it doesn't have much movement, i have put a tutorial video on my YouTube channel if you want to see a demo.
Because its a crackle effect no two nails will look exactly the same which is great as it will never show any mistakes! I have added a few photos to show you the kind of things you could do but just have fun with it and add your own creative spin!

I hope you like this product as much as i do, its definitely an essential item for my nail kit!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. Hi Grace,

    your blog is recommend on twitter. I hope you know that.

    I bought Black Shatter last week and I will try it on the weekend. I like your post about it and you have a new follower!



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