Friday, 18 November 2011

Fashion Friday

Seeing as the temperature seems to have plummeted in the last couple of days I feel the need to pop to the shops (any excuse!) and stock up on some winter woolies, but one thing in particular I maybe interested in is the hooded scarf!
I have seen a few in the magazines and I really want one but I am wondering if its a look I can pull off?

 This one is from Boohoo and costs £15.00, obviously I will look just like the model as soon as I put it on! 
I want a really chunky knit one, with fur around the hood! So my question to you is what do you think of these? And have you seen any nice ones I should check out at the weekend?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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  1. I wouldnt be able to pull this off, anything on my head apart from a little hair band looks ridiculous. They are lovely though I would buy one for a friend for Christmas no problem.


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