Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas day!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, mine was really nice and I feel completely spoilt!

The thing I love the most about Christmas is that I get to spend lots of time with my family, and of course the presents!

Here are a couple of my favourite gifts! I loved everything I got but these are at the top! Not only did I get spoilt with pressies I was also given money to put in my IMATS fund (ready to stock up on goodies!). I finally got a hooded scarf which I love (you may remember I wrote a post about them, well now I have one!), I have a beautiful Osprey Wallet which is gorgeous and my sister had a personalised label made for a bottle of wine, I love things like that, its very special!

All in all my Christmas day was filled with family, food and presents (all of my favourite things!), here are couple of my best pics of the day!
So that the dogs didn't feel left out they had little outfits to wear, not that they stayed on very long! We also had Christmas outfits, in the form of Christmas pyjamas! I gave them to my mum and sister as Christmas eve presents, they are so comfy and a bargain from George at asda for £8! And my grown your own snow friend is the cutest thing! Im sure you remember the grow your own magic trees you used to get? well this is the same but a now friend, you pop them in the magic water and they grow a snow coat, I actually bought this as a secret santa present but liked it so much I kept it and bought something else! 

I hope you loved everything you got and that you had a lovely day!

Stay gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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