Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Healthy Crisps!!!

This Weight Loss Wednesday the scales showed a loss of -2 lbs! That makes a total of 79.5 lbs!

This week I wanted to share with you a way to have your crisps and eat them too! A friend of mine bought herself a crisp maker and when she realised how healthy it was she bought me one too! She got ours from but you can get them from other companies too. I was so excited at the thought of being able to have crisps that weren't loads of pro points!

It is the easiest thing to make and takes about ten minutes!

 TopChips is the set I have.
 It comes with a slicer that creates super thin slices and the plate you place them on to cook
 First you slice what ever veggie or fruit you are going to crisp
 Then place all the slices (not over lapping) onto the plate and pop in the microwave! Start at 3.5 minutes and then check, put them back in for longer if they need it
and then you are left with YUMMY crisps!

As you can see I used apple which is a nice way to have something sweet that is zero points. You could use most vegetables, carrots, butternut squash, beetroot and obviously potatoes, I love vegetable crisps but they can be really high in points, the same with normal crisps. I have bought weight watchers crisps before as they are low in pp's but there's a reason for only get about three crisps! So now our crisp problems are solved!

Have you tried a crisp maker before? What other things would you crisp?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Oh yes, please, I think this would be amazing! I love crisps so much ... definitely one on the birthday list ...

    79.5lbs! WOW!! Congraulations! That is absolutely fantastic:) You can be very proud of yourself!

  2. *googles crisp machine frantically* I am getting one of these! I would make beetroot crisps and pineapple if I could cut it fine enough (not together with the beetroot though, bleugh) well done on your weight loss- that's an amazing amount!

  3. Congrats on the weightloss again Grace. I wish I had your will power! I'm going tonight after missing last weeks, but I'm feeling ok. How much was that crisp maker? I've just tried to get on that website but you have to join xxx


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