Friday, 20 July 2012

My Final Piece.....The Flmonktin!!

As most of you will know I have just completed my Theatrical and Media Make Up course. This is part of the reason I have been a bit MIA recently as with all courses I had my final pieces to get together amongst other stuff!

Well I thought I would share my final piece with you! This was also my entry for UK Skills which is the biggest industry competition in the UK. My design made to as a reserve!
The theme was Golden Oldies.....Couldn't really be more vague! I decided to go with an old film and chose The Wizard of Oz and chose to make a mash up of The Flying Monkey, The Tin Man and a bit of glitter for Dorothy! Mixing these together (and someone else's random thinking) brought the name "The Flmonktin"!

And here it is.....
 It is slightly random and definitely not an every day make up!! But being that It had to involve imagination, prosthetics and a bald cap, I'm pretty sure it ticked all the boxes and I'm really happy with the final result!
Its hard to believe that my gorgeous friend Camilla is under all that paint!
So much effort went in to this piece and it took a few weeks of preparation as I had to face cast, make the prosthetics and the costume before we could even start applying stuff to the body!

What do you think?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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