Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Batiste - Smoothing Conditioning Mist

Most of us are fans of Batiste dry shampoo which means you will more than likely be a fan of one of the new products they have to offer....Smoothing Conditioning Mist!

Dry shampoo offers us the chance to squeeze an extra day out of our hair when its in need of a wash, so instead of our locks getting up and walking them selves to the shower we can spray a bit of dry shampoo and have an extra ten minutes in bed!

Well we may have oily roots but what happens when you have hair that is drier towards the ends? That is were the dry conditioner steps in! A simple spray of this will give the hair and extra conditioning boost with out a drop of water involved. 

This light weight invisible spray helps to put moisture back in to dry and frizzy hair and smooths fly away strands! 

Available from boots.com and priced at £3.99 this is new hair must have!

Perfect for anyone going to Glastonbury this weekend!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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