Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The InStyler

I recently got to try out The InStyler through Bid TV, an amazing hair multi-tool. It is a straightener, curler and hot brush all in one!

The InStyler was originally designed by two celebrity hair stylists who wanted to find a styling tool that could replace all their others, saving them having to carry them all around job to job (I know that feeling!), they couldn't find one so they designed one themselves!

If I am completely honest I was a little skeptical when I first heard of the InStyler, only because I assumed that if this was a three in one the quality surely couldn't be as good as each individual styling tool . Well I need to eat my words as I couldn't have been more wrong!

The first time I tried the InStyler I was blown away, my hair is notoriously wild and hardly ever does what I want it to but I managed to straighten my hair in about five minutes! This is unheard of, it would normally take a good 25 minutes at least!

The InStyler is made up of a brush on one side and a rotating cylinder on the other, when pressed together the cylinder smooths down the hair with the heat setting your chosen style in place while the brush keeps the hair in place and tangle free.

There are three heat settings ranging from 140 - 196 degrees. The best bit is that because you don't have to use the InStyler on the hair for as long as other styling tools you use less heat making it healthier for the hair!

This is the perfect styling tool for taking in your gym bag or popping in your suitcase for your holidays, all your styling requirements in one!

I have filmed a couple of tutorial videos for you to show you how to achieve different looks using the InStyler.

How to straighten your hair with the InStyler....

How to create wavy hair with the InStyler....

The price of the InStyler ranges on different websites but it will always be cheaper than if you bought all the different styling tools individually.
For more information take a look at their website here

Have you tried the InStyler? Or are you thinking of getting one?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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