Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An Orange a day....

In the quest for perfection that many of us seem to be obsessed with it seems all too easy to grab a product from the bathroom cabinet that promises a flawless complexion, gorgeous glossy locks or super strong talons!
Perfection in a bottle, what a great concept! There's just one small problem.... Its not enough!
By picking up the products, they may help you get closer to the look you are trying to achieve but the majority of those results will only be on the surface, Why are we not helping our bodies achieve these things naturally?

Now I'm the last person in the world that's going to tell you to ditch your beautiful products, but i am going to give you knowledge on the tools you need to help achieve a naturally beautiful you!  Quite simply I'm on a quest for natural beauty and i want to take you with me!

The magic tools are really simple......VITAMINS!
There is a group of vitamins that are essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.  Again its very easy to grab a pot of multi vits and a tube of berocca from the chemist and there is nothing wrong with that, but the best way to get the most out of these little beauties is to get them from our diets!

This is an essential for production of elasticity in the skin (think of those jowly jawlines we don't want!), it also help the skin to retain moisture which equals a smoother looking complexion.  Its great for the hair too as it helps produce a healthy amount of sebum to the scalp leaving the hair looking glossy and healthy.
Great sources of Vitamin A are Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots, Peaches and Apricots.

This is an all round amazing vitamin, its great for your hair, skin, nails and mood!
It helps in the production of melanin which gives colour to your luscious locks, the melanin production helps in the fight against greys. It promotes blood circulation to the scalp which helps reduce hair loss. with an increase of blood circulation this helps promote growth of the hair and nails, it also give the nails strength and helps to stop any ridges forming.
The best bit about vitamin B is that it helps to level out some of your hormones equaling a a happier, healthier you all round!
Great sources of Vitamin B are Eggs, Fish, Chicken and most veggies.

This is a great natural skin booster! Vitamin C is a natural ascorbic acid which helps in the production of collagen (great news for holding off the aging process!!)  Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant so it fights off the free radicals that attack the collagen in the skin.  I have recently been told that a deficiency in vitamin c can lead to wrinkles, so get munching those kiwis!
Great sources of Vitamin C are Pineapple, Tomatoes, Citrus fruits, Strawberries, Kiwis, Green Peppers and Dark Leafy Vegetables!

Another great anti oxidant so a good tool in the fight against aging skin, it also helps enhance blood circulation which helps with hair growth and reducing hair loss. Great for nail strength and growth.
Great sources of Vitamin E are green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts (especially almonds).

There are loads of Vitamins and Minerals that will benefit us, but with these four essentials covered we should all be well on our way to still looking 30 when we are 60!

So forget the saying an apple a day, i say and orange a day keeps the wrinkles away.... i will see you in the fruit isle!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x

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