Friday, 18 March 2011

Pink Leopard Print!

I never used to be able to paint my nails for a couple of reasons! One, it's slightly impractical for work and two, i would become obsessed with them! I would literally look at them all the time, i would even brush my teeth holding the tooth brush so i could see my nails in the mirror! But now that I seem to have grown out of that phase and can handle the excitement, I have gone completely the other way, i don't like not having my nails painted and the brighter the better!

My nails are currently Pink Leopard Print!

To get this look i used OPI's Guy meets Gal-veston, a bright pink varnish from their most recent range 'Texas'. Once i had applied two coats of the varnish and gave it time to dry i used the Konad stamping kit with plate M57 with black varnish to apply the leopard print design, so simple but looks really effective, so much so i feel a YouTube tutorial coming on!

You can use any base colour to achieve this look, and it looks great on long or short nails!

Hope you give it a go!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x

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