Friday, 9 November 2012

Fashion Friday - Autumn trend tips from Anya Sarre

I have a special guest post for you all this Fashion Friday! Its come all the way from the USA from Anya Sarre who is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

She is sharing the hot must have Fashions this season to ensure that you are Cozy, Confident and Fashionable this Autumn!

Fall fashion is all about warm colors that exude feelings of confidence, warmth, and comfort. It's the simplest season for clothes in terms of color and style, as it allows the most comfortable options to be worn and accepted as stylish. In fact, as long as you feel like you look good in what you're wearing, your mood and attitude will be greatly lifted and appear appealing to other people. Just being confident will make you feel and look gorgeous.

For fall days spent doing any activity, whether it be party-venturing, casually running errands, or relaxing in your home, there are a few outfit choices to choose from that flatter any body shape and look.

• Cardigans
Cardigans from

Cardigans are a superb choice for fall fashion due to how versatile they are when matching an outfit. They are useful when wanting to cover up certain areas of the body, to be warm, or to create a cute fall outfit. When choosing cardigans for fall, look for mostly neutral colors.

• Spandex Skirts
Skirts from
Spandex skirts are the go-to item when you're feeling much too elegant and feminine for jeans or other kinds of pants. Not to mention, they look adorable when matched with cardigans, an over-sized sweater, and boots. They're also great due to their body-forming material, creating a flattering look on almost any kind of body shape.

• Leggings
Leggings from
Leggings are a wonderful chic choice due to their warmth and versatility. They match spandex skirts and boots in an almost unbelievably perfect way. You can create a fashionable look with neutral leggings beneath a boldly, fall outfit, or even with brightly colored leggings under a neutral outfit. There are many options to choose from; in fact, creating an outfit with leggings may be more fun than actually wearing it.

The final defining touch to any outfit! There are two options for a great fall look, which are both simple and easy to fall back upon in any situation. From closed-toe flats to a more intense statement, consider patterned and other multi-colored flats. But don’t forget about your boots this fall! Whether they're short or long legged boots; heels or no heels, they're going to look wonderfully cute with any outfit.

What do you think of these fashion must haves? Are there any Autumn style tips you have?
Thanks Anya for your fashion tips! 

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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