Monday, 1 August 2011

Make Up Monday - False Lashes

This weeks Make Up Monday is about false eyelashes. Someone asked me last week if I had a favourite brand, were the more expensive ones better, what's the best way to apply them, etc, so I thought I would put it all in a post for you guys!

Gone are the days when wearing False Lashes made you look like an 80's throw back, lashes are back with a vengeance and it seems the bigger the better! They had been making a come back for a little while and then thanks to TV shows like the only way is Essex they are now a must have make up accessory!

I have tried loads of different false lashes from MAC, Mista Mascara, Eylure and even from the pound shop and in my opinion the cost doesn't make a huge amount of difference. My favourite ones are from Eylure, they are available from Boots and Superdrug, they are easy to get your hands on and they won't break the bank either being priced from £5 - £9!
Naturalites are my favourite for general wear, they are lightweight and look really natural. 
I tend to wear individual lashes rather than strip lashes, they give a great result and are easier to apply!
These individual lashes will give the same full look but you can pick and choose wear you have them. Quite often I will just add a few to the outer edges of the eye to add a bit of glamour!

To apply strip lashes is really quite simple, one of the best ways I find to pop them on is it apply the glue to the base,  then place the lash to the middle of the lash line once this is in place you can then gently press down the edges a hey presto your done! (I know its not always that easy but I promise practice makes perfect!)

The best glue to use is called DUO, it comes in clear or dark. The trick with adhesives is to let it go tacky before you apply the lashes to the eye area, it will stay in place better this way!

If you you feel like being a bit different you could always try something like this....

Hope this has been helpful! Happy Make Up Monday!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Hey chick, where do you buy from your glue from? I always struggle to find glue sold separately and the only one I can ever find is by revlon which isn't very good!!

    Lauren xx

  2. hey sweet, I get mine from the beauty wholesaler but you can get it online, if you google it loads will come up, I think even amazon have it! xoxo


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