Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tuxedo Nails!

Continuing from my post about the androgynous trend that is coming in this Autumn/winter I decided to stick with that theme for this weeks nails design.....I present to you Tuxedo Nails!

 (please excuse my dry cuticles! in desperate need of a manicure!)

This design is really easy and I actually think its quite cute too! Although I showed my dad and said what are they and he said "Play boy bunnies!" not quite but we get the idea!

All I used for this was a black base colour (My private jet - OPI) and a white (alpine snow - OPI) for the triangle at the top. Then I used a black and white nail art paint and a dotting tool for the buttons and the bow-tie.

  To see how I got this look, take a peek at my video tutorial!
I hope you like this weeks design!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Oh my god these are the best nails ever! Awesome job :) x

  2. Super cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!! I just might have to try these out!! XOXO

  3. Wow! They are so cool! I am a nail art novice though and would never have the patience to do all my nails! xx

  4. I saw nails like these in Look magazine today, going to be a big trend in a/w xx

  5. I love tuxedo nails, always feel so classy when i'm sporting them haha. Love the job you did on them~

  6. This design is sooo cute!!

    Hope your well.

    Nats. xx

  7. Thanks you lovely lot! Glad you like them! @Gem I saw that in look magazine too. xoxo

  8. brilliant! love these, would be perfect for a ball, a wedding or even maybe an interview!!


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