Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I'm sure some of you will remember that I wrote about MUA products after attending TOWIB back in July, well I was really pleased with the products that I got in my goodie bag and have since been out and purchased two more of the eye palettes which I love!

Last week I was sent a few more goodies from MUA to try out, which I have and wanted to let you all know what I thought! I received a Mosaic Bronzer, Extreme Volume Mascara and a Concealer pen.

 Mosaic Bronzer

This is really HIGHLY pigmented, so much so that I broke my own rules when it came to bronzing and stepped into jersey shore territory! The colour is great, its very natural with a fine application but with a heavier application it gives you a great tanned look! A little really does go a long way with this bronzer.
At £2.50 this is an amazing bargain!

Extreme Volume Mascara

 I am super fussy when it comes to mascara, I have used the same one for years and when they discontinued it I was devastated! The extreme volume mascara from MUA has a nice consistency which you know is not going to clog up on your lashes, I tried this product on my lashes and also on a bride at her trial, I have a slightly varied opinion on this one! For me it left my lashes evenly spread out and natural looking, but it didn't give much volume, I have to say though I think that is due to my eyelashes being extra straight, On the bride who has gorgeous naturally curled lashes it looked amazing! I think you would possibly still need your eyelash curlers to hand if you want a more dramatic look, but for a natural look this mascara is perfect! It is really black too (I know that sounds silly but I'm sure you know what I mean!) which is great. This mascara costs just £2.00.

Brush on Concealer Pen

I love products that make your life simple and this one really does, having a built in applicator means it could definitely be a handbag essential. I received this concealer in Radiance, which has a brighten effect on the skin so will help to reflect light which then disguises dark circles and blemishes! This pen concealer has a nice creamy consistency which is really pliable and blends really well. Another bargain at £2.00!

All in all the products I have tried from MUA have been good and some of them have a permanent place in my kit! They are available at Superdrug and at bargain prices they are definitely worth a try!

Have you tried any of the MUA range? What are you favourite products?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

Please note I was sent these products to try out and review them on this blog, I have not been paid to do this and the opinions in this post are mine, I aim to be completely honest about any products I review and would never give a positive review if I didn't believe that to be true.


  1. MUA sounds like good value to me!
    By the way, I chose you to receive the "One Lovely Blog" award - for the loveliness of your blog, of course. I really love your nail art designs and your neat style.

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  2. I love the MUA lipsticks :) such a nice formula! I really like the look of the concealer pen so will probs check that out xxx

  3. Might have to try the MUA concealer - I'm always searching for the perfect drugstore product to hide my dark circles (probably my most hated feature!)

    xxx Kat

  4. Thank you so much for the blog award @Eugenia, thats really sweet! And @Daisy and @Hellokittyx94 you should give them a try! xoxo


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