Friday, 26 August 2011

Wonderful world of waxing

I have a friend who for a few years now always asks me about the dreaded bikini wax, every time I see her she brings up the subject whilst giggling like a little girl, in fact I can imagine her chuckling away as she reads this!
Basically she was scared it would hurt and then embarrassed at the thought of me (being someone she knows) doing it for her, I even offered to ply her with alcohol first but she still said no! It probably doesn't help that I may have told her a few stories from treatments I have done!
So I saw her a couple of weeks ago and she announced that she had been super brave and had it done at a salon near where she lives, and that it wasn't actually that bad! I hate to say it but I told you so!

So it dawned on me that there may be other people out there who have never braved the waxing table for one reason or another, here are my tips for getting the most out of your waxing experience!

Wax Virgin? If you are a first time waxer try not to be scared, the idea of it is a lot worse than the actual thing! If you can relax it will hurt less.....keep talking to the therapist even if its about what you had for tea last night any little distractions will help keep your mind off what's going on.

Exfoliate the skin in the area you are getting waxed 12-24 hours before your treatment, this ensures all the hairs are lifted and ready to be plucked out! (wait 5-7 days after waxing to exfoliate again)

Moisturise to stop any dry skin building up, this will also help prevent ingrown hairs forming, ensure the lotion is fragrance free for the first 24 hours. (Don't apply moisturiser on the day of your waxing appointment it puts a barrier on the skin meaning the wax won't adhere as well)

Brazillian? When you go for a bikini wax it might be a good idea to ask the therapist what their version of a brazillian, high leg, hollywood, etc are, it seems that there are lots of different ideas of what a brazilian wax is and trust me you don't want any unexpected surprises with hot wax down there! If you clarify before the treatment starts it should all be plain sailing!

Wishful thinker If you have shaved your legs for the past few years don't be disappointed if your legs aren't 100% smooth after your first wax, it can take a few sessions to get the al the hairs growing in the same cycle.

Enjoy! Once you've had your waxing done enjoy the results, being able to get your legs out with out even thinking about having to grab the razor or being able to wave your arms in the air like you just don't care because you have super smooth armpits should be reason enough to ditch the razor in exchange for the wax pot!

So you are all now ready to hit the beauty salons, ready, steady.....BRAZILIAN!!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Thanks for the info. I wish something existed to remove it completely and forever! Lol

  2. You’d agree with me when I say that there’s always a feeling of impending doom before the wax session. Okay, that may be a bit of exaggeration, but you get the point. While it’s normal to be scared prior to the first strip, it’s not okay to keep it to yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist that you’re scared or uncomfortable; they’re there to help you!


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