Thursday, 14 March 2013

Date night! #1

So I went on my first date, for this post I am going to call him beardy!
When he first messaged me obviously the first thing you do once you've read the message is look at his photos, my initial thought was hes not my type but he came across really nicely in his message.
I read further down his profile, I saw he was tall, which is a bit of a must for me as im 5'9", he lived in the same area as me, he had a car and a decent job and his bit of blurb about himself came across nicely! So why not, lets see what happens!
So we messaged for a bit, he was very friendly and I had a good feeling about him!
Now this is where, according to "the rules"  it could have gone slightly wrong (but I haven't read far enough yet!), we had been messaging for about four or five days and there was no sign of a date being set up, so after getting the opinion of two of my friends on him I messaged saying "so am I ever going to meet you in real life or are we just going to be behind the screen friends?" He messaged back almost straight away saying when are you free! According to the rules you are supposed to play hard to get, but I dont think you always have time to do that!
Once the date was arranged, I suggested a place to go which was fairly close to me, I got there first and I knew it woukd be quiet, nothing worse than walking in somewhere looking for someone! We were meeting at 7pm, he called at seven to say he was stuck in a bit of traffic so was running late, this would normally irritate me but I wasnt too bothered. When he arrived I was actually quite pleased, tall, nice build and decent on the eye......cha ching!
But once we got settled and chatted for a bit, it became clear to me that he wasn't for me, although he was really lovely his personality didn't quite match up to the way he was in his messages.
I put this down to him being a bit shy and hiding behind a computer screen can give you a bit of confidence?!
One other thing was he was very expessive with his facial expressions, which after a while I found myself mimicing! Oops
When I realised it was nearly ten and that I was starving I made my excuses and we called it a night,  we left it with a simple it was lovely to meet you and a kiss on the cheek....neither of us have made contact since!
On to the next......
Happy dating!
Grace xoxo

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