Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hey guys,

So this Weight Loss Wednesday is all about fresh starts!
Over the past couple of months life has been a little stressful and I really needed to take some of the pressure off myself, so the only feesable way to do that was by taking a step back on the diet front.

I knew I had put some weight on after a medical issue towards the end of last year and once that had settled back down my weight was yo-yoing....ANNOYING!

So rather than get more stressed about it I thought I would take a break, celebrate my birthday guilt free and then go back this wednesday and Start a fresh! Strangely I am actually reallly looking forward to it so summer body I'm comming for ya!!

So I have been very organised, stocked the cupboards with weight watcher friendly foods and have an exercise plan in mind! Hopefully next week I will be writing about a good weight loss!

Have a great week!

Grace xoxo


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  1. Good luck for this week and hope you manage to get back into the groove of things. xx


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