Monday, 4 March 2013

Single Girl in the City

As a single girl it is a minefield out there when it comes to dating.....the possibilities are endless, or they used to be! There comes a point when you become the only single friend, this puts a completely different spin on things! Your friends all either want to desperately set you up with just about any single man they can find or you become a threat of some sort and are gradually left out in the cold! Ok ok, maybe I'm making it sound slightly more dramatic than it actually is but you get my drift....

So what is a girl supposed to do to find the single men? Online dating!

This in itself is a scary process as there are so many things to think about! You are literally putting yourself out there for all to see, what if someone you know comes across your profile? What if only weirdos contact you? What if no one contacts you? (Believe me that wont happen, but sometimes you may wish it had!), the questions are endless but if you dont try you won't know!

So I decided I would set up a profile on a well known site and see what happens!
You upload some pics, the best ones you can find obviously, write a bit about yourself and click go.....whats the worst that can happen?
This seems like it should be so simple but it never is is it?!
First off are all you multiple choice questions, eye colour, hair colour, height, are you a smoker, do you want children but then comes weight/body type??? Well this is every girls worst nightmare right? It gives you the option of slim, average, athletic, a few extra pounds or bbw (big beautiful woman).....well I would have liked the option of curvy as im not slim but also not bbw so I went for a few extra pounds, but then you worry will that put some people off, but if it does they were obviously too superficial but will it make you look like you are wanting people to say you are not over weight? Jeez I'm only on the first page and its stressful already!

Once you've managed all the little questions its time to think of a catchy title, something that will draw people to you but nothing too cringy or attention seeking!
And then its down to the good stuff, write about yourself! WTF! I hate that bit, you suddenly find yourself trying to figure out what your best attrbutes are, you try to write something that makes you sound fun and adventurous but not too adventurous as we all know that actually you prefer lounging around on the sofa catching up on hollyoaks on a sunday not really hiking in the woods!
You want to sound fun fearless and independent but not so much so that a poor guy doesnt stand a chance.
Actually what I want to write is a list of things I DON'T want in a man, a need not apply list if you like, but I don't think thats the done thing!
So thats it, youve filled it all out, you've put up your best pics and now you just sit back and wait for the one to send you a message.........
I will fill you in next time as to what my inbox bought!

Have you tried internet dating?

Grace xoxo


  1. Nice post, I have never tried online dating before.

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