Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Confession time!

So its been a long time since I did a Weight Loss Wednesday.....This is purely down to being majorly busy! Ok that's not completely true! I have slightly fallen off the diet wagon!!!!

I have not been able to make it to my weigh in for a few weeks due to my work schedule which is really frustrating as its too easy to think I can have a bad day as I have an extra week.....but even though I have tried my best to stay on track its not so easy!

At last count I was still down -85lbs which I'm obviously still very happy with but when I only have another stone to get to my goal its really frustrating that I have lost the weight loss bug!

Falling off the wagon has been a mixture of working on set where we are catered for and a lack of organisation on my part! But I'm hoping that by confessing to you all it might shame me back on track! I cant get back to weigh in's until the end of September but I will try and stay on track so I am pleasantly surprised when I do step on the scales!!

Do you have any tips for getting back on track? Hope you guys that are losing weight are doing well!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo  


  1. go back to basics, re read all your info you have and go back to your meeting, if you cant make usual one is there a different one you could go to?

    S xx

  2. Hey lovely! Long time no type/read. Congrats for getting to 85lbs, I've been out the blogging loop recently so hadn't seen you climb to that number. After failing miserably at trying to lose weight myself, I am going back to Slimming World tonight, I've got to do something, just to get back into a routine. Keep going, you can do it. Fancy a healthy Nandos and a gossip next time you're over London? I know Emma will be up for it xxx

  3. A regular exercise plan and a good diet plan can help a lot to lose the weight effectively.
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  4. I'm in exactly the same boat, down 85.5lbs and 16.5 to go... but I missed my meeting this week - it was the day after our team building night out so not a hope in hell I was going, then this week I'm on holidays so I won't be going a 2nd week in a row... a little part of me is fighting back and knows that I have to keep going and the other part of me has become a little complacent. I'm going to enjoy my weekend and get dolled up and go dancing and shall be back on track soon. I think we just need to remember we have to keep on going :o) It's been a long journey so far, it'd be a shame to ruin it now! You can do it! :o)


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