Monday, 11 April 2011

Fascinating Fascinator!

Over the weekend here in Bristol the weather was amazing! Great weather for a wedding some could say, which was great as a good friend of mine was attending a wedding on Saturday and had asked me to help her with her hair.  Her original request was that she wanted to look natural but groomed and she was going to find an accessory for a bit of added glamour!  Now knowing Sarah as I do, I know she has impeccable taste and a flair for style that not many of us can pull off so when I heard "Hair Accessory" I knew it probably wouldn't be just any old hair clip!
About two months ago I received a very excited text about a fascinator Sarah had bought followed by a picture, as I predicted it was like nothing I had ever seen before and the best way to describe it was It's so Sarah!!  So armed with my kit and my super stylish mum (as my styling assistant for the morning!) we set off to Sarah's where I would finally see the 'hair accessory' and it did not disappoint!

(see i told you...not just any old hair clip!)

This beautiful fascinator is aptly named 'I love Paris' and yes that is an Eiffel Tower you can see, it's gold and has a single diamonte on the very top, the base is a deep plum colour with matching plum net and a pretty pink flower adding an extra pop of colour.  The whole thing is on a head band which is very thin which made it easy to hide under the hair.

Sarah's hair didn't need much styling, I simply straightened it, a bit of back combing for added volume and a good coating of hair spray, then all that was left to do was pop on her gorgeous coral Karen Millen dress and matching Christian Louboutins and the stylista was ready!

One of the things I admire so much about Sarah is her fabulousness (if thats even a word!?), whether she's wearing her beloved designers or beautiful bargins the one thing that always shines through is her confidence, and that is one thing I think we should all have!

So next time your going to a wedding, choosing an outfit for a special occasion or for every day why not choose something different, quirky and gorgeous? Your style options are endless!

Show everyone your inner Fabulous!

Stay stylish

Grace x


  1. Oh my gosh is that cute! I love it.

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