Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Garra Rufa Pedicure

me and my mama! (kind of!)
need to practice me photography
I'm sure most of you have heard of the Garra Rufa Pedicure, it's a fairly new treatment that's sweeping the beauty industry!  Well yesterday I had the chance to try one out, I went with my mum  to a the spa Rookery Manor, where we were to have a garra rufa pedicure and use of the spa (unfortunately due to still being on crutches I wasn't able to use the spa).

This treatment is actually carried out by tiny little fish which have been nick named 'doctor fish'. These amazing little fish originally came from Turkey, but back in 2006 a spa was opened in Japan and the garra rufa pedicure became a must have treatment, after that many other countries followed suit and it soon became a treatment that was available pretty much world wide!

The idea behind plonking your feet in to a fish tank, is that the hungry fish will nibble away at the dead skin cells on your feet and leave you with smoother skin! As the fish only feed on dead skin they have also been used as part of the treatment process for psoriasis in some countries!

This is definitely one of the strangest treatments I have ever tried but once you got used to the strange sensation it was fine!  The hardest part was initially putting your feet into the tank, my mums advice would be not to look, just put your feet in!  It is definitely a strange feeling, the best way to describe it is, it feels as if something is vibrating under your feet.  The fish nibble away at any skin that is in the water so our legs got a bit of fishy exfoliation too!
here you can see the fish nibbling away!

Who would have thought sitting with your feet in a fish tank would take off!

I definitely noticed that my feet felt softer this morning so the clever little fish worked their magic on my not so lovely feet!  I'm not sure it will be something I would do regularly but I definitely think it's something you should try at least once!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. wow, you are brave ... i think i would freak out if i saw them nibbling at my feet ... looks cool though!

  2. Hey Ev, it was a bit weird but i got used to it quite quickly! definitely worth a go! x

  3. Never heard of this pedi. This is pretty cool though! Fish nibbling at your feet for a pedi? Who would've thought!?


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