Monday, 18 April 2011

Hairspray - Part One

I'm really excited about the Blogs and videos I am doing this week!  I have a three part series planned, all based around the style from the 1960's!

Last week I went to see Hairspray at the hippodrome and it was amazing! I watched the film about four years ago with a friend and we loved it, so when my mum asked me last September if I wanted to go and see the musical, it was an immediate YES!!  So the day finally came around and it didn't disappoint one bit, in fact it was even better than I had imagined!  The clothes were bright and colourful, the Make Up was striking and the hair was BIG (good job they had lots of hairspray!! sorry I couldn't resist!).

I was mesmerized by the whole thing and it got me thinking about how I could bring that style back up to date?  So I decided I would do just that, and make a three part series, and bring you a Make up, Nails and Hair tutorial!

So this weeks Make Up Monday kicks it off, and I have created a 60's inspired Make Up look that will suit pretty much anyone.

To recreate a 60's style eye make up you will need three eye shadows, a light one and two darker ones.  I have used a pallet from 'Front Cover' which is made up of a silver, dark purple and black.

Ensure you use a primer over the lid to ensure you have an even base to work on, I use Benefit's 'lemon aid'.

You will also need a black eye liner, ideally a liquid and khol, my favourite one at the moment is from New ID Cosmetics and is a double ended applicator, the liquid liner is like a felt tip so is really easy to use!

As well as the black eye liner you will need a white one too, in the 60's they used white liner along the water line of the bottom lid to give a really clean look and it also gives the illusion of bigger eyes!

One of the best parts of this look is the false eye lashes!  And it seems it was a case of the bigger the better back in the day!  I always use DUO eye lash adhesive, its holds the lashes in place really well and is easy to remove.

Use a jet black mascara, especially on the bottom lashes. 

Another 60's trend was to have very defined eye brows, not only arched but long too!  To get this look use a flat ended brush to fill in the brow and then with the excess left on the brush make the brow longer by carrying the line further down towards the corner of the eye.

Use a blusher to emphasise your cheek bones.  My trick is to suck your cheeks in and use an angled blush brush to contour along the lower part of the cheek bone.  This will give the illusion of a longer, thinner face!

My favourite blusher is Dallas from Benefit.

And to finish the look choose a baby pink lip gloss. I love this one from MAC in Frozen Dream!

This is a look you could wear as a day time look (maybe use a slightly less dramatic set of false lashes!) and for he evening just darken it up a little.

I had intended to put photos on here for you to see the finished look in a bit more datail, but unfortunately I had a few technical issues with them!!  But you can see it in my YouTube video where I have a I have a full tutorial waiting for you!

I really hope you all like this look.  If you give it a try send me some photos on twitter or facebook, i would love to see!

Watch out for part 2 later in the week!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x

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