Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hairspray - Part Three!

So this is the final part of my 60's inspired series which means today I am bringing you a Big hairstyle!

Hairspray and back combing were two essentials when it came to hairstyles back in the 60's and I have used plenty of them to bring you my look today.  Its very simple to do and literally takes 5 minutes!

The main part of this style is the volume and to achieve that I back combed in a "U" shape around the top of the head so that it gives a look of fullness over the whole head rather than just the back.  The key to back combing is to be rougher than you think you should, it will brush out so don't panic!  Doing this to the hair will give volume and hold the style in place.

I have naturally wavy hair so I used that wave with in the style but you could create a neater version by keeping your hair straight too!

All you need to recreate this look is a comb, hairspray, hair clip, straighteners or curling tongs and a hair band or scarf to add the finishing touches.

Take a look at my tutorial video to see how to recreate this look!

I hope you like the look.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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