Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hairspray - Part Two

Todays post brings you part two of the Hairspray/60's inspired series!

I wanted to create a nail design that was inspired by the 60's but had a modern day twist, so I came up with two!

Psychedelic is one word that pretty much sums up a lot of the patterns that were used in the 60's, one of the designs I have created is taken from a black and white mod style dress that is a well know design from back in the day!  Using colour in blocks and creating a reverse mirrored effect with them seems to have been the trend, so that is the look I decided on!

The first design was created using a black and white nail varnish and black and white nail art paints. If you wanted to make it slightly more festive you could use a glitter nail art paint too. The nail varnishes I chose were Alpine Snow and My Private Jet both are from OPI.  With this design you can do each nail the same of make them all different, as the key trend was a bit zaney if you make any little mistakes it will probably add to the design!  Take a look at my tutorial to find out how to recreate this look!

For the second design I used Konad design plate M63 (take a look at my Konad blog for more info) to create a colour blocking effect, I used a white nail art paint on top of Big Apple Red from OPI.

I hope that you all like these designs, If you try them out or have any of your own 60's inspired designs I would love to see them so please send me some pics!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. I love the first mani! Its super cute!!

  2. @Kayla101 Thanks so much! Glad you like it x

  3. The first one is AMAZING! Your designs are great!

  4. really nice work :)


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