Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rock the Colour Block!

With Colour Blocking being majorly on trend at the moment I find myself completely panicked by the thought of bypassing my black top in exchange for an orange one and then popping on a pink blazer so I can consider myself part of the fashion craze sweeping the nation this spring, so I thought I would find another way to stay at the fore front of fashion!

My inspiration for colour blocking my nails came from reading Kandee Johnson's blog!  One of her friends Romee had painted her nails and they looked great so I decided I would put my own creative spin on this design and place myself back with in the fashionable crowd (whilst wearing my black top of course!).

To get this look I used OPI's Suzy and the life guard (light pink) and Shorts Story (dark pink) and for the detailing I used a white nail art pen.  This design would work with any colour so you could switch it up and experiment!  For a tutorial on this look take a look at my YouTube channel!

I hope you all like this design, and if you try it out i would love to see!

Stay gorgeous!

Grace x


  1. That is a really cute manicure! The colors work great together.

  2. Thanks girls, glad you like it! x

  3. Wow! This color blocking trend is really amazing! After watching the video, I am definitely going to try this design on my nails! So Cute! It looks like a dress but in the form of a nail design. LOL. Lovely Work! :)

  4. This is really pretty and girly :)

    I tried something a little similar


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