Thursday, 7 April 2011

When I grow up i'm going to be a Princess!

And until then I can pretend! 

The countdown to the Royal Wedding is upon us (22 days and counting BTW), and it's hard to flick through a magazine or watch the TV with out seeing coverage about street parties, wedding dress predictions or which palace will they live in!

Some people may think 'who cares' but the majority of Brits, and it seems most of the world will be tuning in on April 29th to see the lavish nuptials of our potential future King, and I will be one of them!
I cant wait to see what dress Kate Middleton swishes down the isle in, will she come in a horse drawn carriage, how will her hair be styled?? The questions (and speculations) are endless.

The 'Kate Middleton' style seems to have swept the nation, and with homage's to her style in all the shops I guess it is fairly easy to feel a little bit like the modern day princess, especially with the little beauty i found!
This replica of Kate's engagement ring, was from Primark and cost £2.00! its a bright sapphire blue (the picture doesn't pick that up so much) and sparkles so much its hard not to feel royal whilst wearing it!

One of the things I've noticed about Kate's style is that it's elegant but simple, and that carries through to her nails.  I have picked out two nail colours from OPI that would be a perfect accompaniment to keep the focus on your bling! 

'Heart Throb' Is a natural pink which works really well for the barely there look with one coat or becomes more baby pink with two. 

  'Tickle My France-y' is a nude colour that is very on trend

Both these varnishes work well and will suit everyone, and are very 'Kate Middleton'!!  So if like me you are still waiting for your prince charming to come along, why not pop to primark and pick up one of these gorgeous rings to wear until you get the real thing!

Stay Gorgeous!

Grace x 

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