Tuesday, 24 January 2012

As January is known for being the month you spring clean and organise, I have the perfect organising tool for you!

I got a jewelry organiser from Primark which is perfect for displaying your favourite pieces so you will never forget what you have and now picking out your accessories will be easier than ever! Best thing is it only costs £3.00! BARGAIN!

 It has 24 varied sized clear pockets and is double sided, it also has a coat hanger style hook so is easy to hang and display!
My other jewelry organiser is this earring stand which is a great way to hang all your jewels! This is old but I have seen them in shops fairly recently and I think it cost around £10.00. 

So have any of you gone OCD with spring cleaning and organising this January like me? Any tips I'm missing out on?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Great idea, I'm going to look for one of these next time I'm in Primark! x

  2. Ooh that is a good idea, I have lots of bracelets and I'm never sure how to store them, will look out for this :)


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