Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My first ever Nail Art Design!

This month in Cosmopolitan Magazine there is an article on Nail Art, which shows just how popular having a nail design on your nails has become! Back when I first started doing nail art it was seen as a "chavy" thing to do and although the odd person would have it on their toe nails as a treat for going on holiday (or maybe because they knew no one was going to see it!?), It really wasn't the done thing!

Now fast forward ten years and its everywhere....Finally our creative sides have been unleashed! So this weekend I was going through a cupboard and I found my old nail art display unit with loads of designs I did when I first started playing around with nail art! Luckily my skills have developed since then!

So I thought this week I would show you my first ever nail art design that I painted on someones nails!

This design is really easy but its very pretty and effective! You can change the colours and even place the design coming from the top of the nail rather than the bottom, or you could brighten up a classic french polish using this design too!

Here is my video tutorial that shows you how to get this look....

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Ahh I love this, I've never had nice enough nails for nail designs. I used to get the acrylics done but just had the normal white tips, they ruined my nails so much. I will watch the video later xxx

  2. this looks awesome on my nails i didnt watch the video just free hand from the pics looks great thanks a bunch


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