Friday, 18 January 2013

Fishtail Braid!

Hey Sugars,

first of all.....IT'S SNOWING!!! Well it is here in Bristol, I think its just started in London! Hope you are all enjoying your snow days!

Secondly, I have the perfect hair style for you to wear in the snow! The Fishtail Braid is easy and always looks stylish and as we will probably be wearing our bobble hats for the next few days it will look fab but with hardly any effort!

Now this tutorial wasn't intended to coinside with the snow but it works well so.....

The Fishtail Braid is actually one of the easier braids to do and is a style that can be dressed up or down to suit all occasions. There isn't much I can write about it as if I write you instructions it probably won't make sense so I have made you a video....

I hope that makes sense and that you will all be rocking the fishtail braid in no time!

Stay Gorgeous xoxo


  1. Oh my! I am going to have to go through your entire blog and see what tutorials I can do on myself!

    Thanks for linking up on We Heart Life yesterday!


    Carly [Creator of We Heart Life]

  2. Hi Grace! It was amazing to meet you today at the meetup :) I LOVE fishtail braids! They are so gorgeous and I completeyl agree they can be dressed up and down! I am just about to watch you video now :) xx Beauty Becky


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