Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday 09.01.13

Hey Sugars,

It's Wednesday, which can mean only one guessed it, its weigh in day!

I've had a fairly good week on the diet front which meant that the scales were on my side showing a loss of 
So hopefully this is the good start to the new year that will continue to my goal weight!
With this 1.5 it brings my total back to 72.5lbs!

I mentioned last week that Weight Watchers has a new approach and part of that is being aware of your food environment and something called "hedonistic" hunger.
New scientific  research has shown that what we think is a lack of will power is not entirely our fault! Our brains are actually programmed in such a way that even when we aren't hungry we can be fooled into thinking we are! This is partially due to the toxic food environment we are surrounded by, with food outlets, coffee shops and food advertisements absolutely everywhere its almost like a food hell rather than a delicious treat for our brains! The problem is that it doesn't matter whether you ate five hours or five minutes ago, if you see the food your brain will more than likely make you want to eat it! You could feel fit to burst after a three course meal but some how you will be able to squeeze in those chocolates that came with your coffee! This is what Weight Watchers are classing as Hedonistic hunger....I wasn't sure about this theory as I thought it was almost like ww were giving us a way of not feeling so guilty when our will power fails us but, I have put the theory to the test and I can completely see what they mean!

So to stop yourself from literally stuffing food in your mouth every time you see it you need to figure out a way of either planning (if you know where you are going in advance) or having a few "Hot Spot" strategy plans up your sleeve! I will talk about them next week!

How are your weight losses coming along? Have you started the year well?

Stay Healthy!

Grace xoxo 

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