Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday.......

Hey Dolls,

Well 2013 is here and so is an unfortunate extra few pounds!! It was the first weigh in of the year today at weight watchers and I can say I was not best pleased! As most of you will know, I have been following WW for just over two years and have lost quite a bit of weight. I had lost just over six stone but due to a small health issue and a bit of over indulgence the total is now 71lbs (which I am still really chuffed about!).

With it being the new year I wanted to set a couple new years weight loss resolutions, and where better to share them but the shame of going off track in front of you guys will hopefully keep me on track!

New Years Weight Loss Resolutions

*Hit my goal and become a GOLD member*

*Increase my exercise*

*Complete the Christmas Bauble 10k run in December 2013*

So now they are out there! My goal is to lose 100lbs in total so I have another 29lbs to hit target.

Weight watchers have launched their new approach to the pro points plan which helps you to deal with different situations as well as just what you are actually eating, I will tell you more about that next week.

One main thing that helps is to track your food intake, you would be surprised the little things that secretly creep past your lips when your not tracking properly, so armed with a brand new tracker journal I am ready to tackle my weight loss with a clear head!

Do you have any weight loss goals for 2013?

Grace xx

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