Friday, 25 January 2013


This week I wanted to set a challenge that is slightly more specific, it's aimed at people who may be going through a tough time or may be starting to feel better but still need a little help.

The reason I set out to start this challenge was to help people who may be suffering with depression, anxiety, self esteem and confidence issues by giving small challenges that would hopefully set the brain to think in a different way.

I know that one of the hardest things to do when you are in a "dark place" is to admit to people how you are actually feeling, as far as they are concerned you are all smiles and look absolutely fine as the chances are you will put on a front and only you will know how you feel inside.

I also know when you do pluck up the courage or feel ready to confide in a friend that sometimes you don't get the reaction you were hoping for and you can then feel a bit worse! Now this is normally a reaction not of someone who doesn't care but someone who doesn't understand......they don't know that you haven't had a proper nights sleep in weeks, that you feel so low that you don't really want to get out of bed, that you can't bear to look in the mirror as you hate what you see.....the list of possible feelings is endless but one thing you can know for sure is that you are not alone!

I have suffered with depression and anxiety and I know how awful it can make you feel, I also know how isolating it can be but I also know that by doing one small thing you can set yourself in good stead to turning things around. So this weeks challenge is to...
Acknowledge that these issues are real, Acknowledge that you are not alone with these feelings and Acknowledge that things can get better.

By doing this it will allow some of the pressure you are putting on yourself to be relieved and also let your mind gain a little space that can be used to take the next steps in getting better.
You may want to do this by confiding in someone, going to your doctor, writing it down....there is no right or wrong way, you just have to do what suits you.

To hear more about this challenge take a look at my video....

I hope that this weeks challenge makes sense and I hope that those of you that need to some acknowledgement are able to do it.....I promise, it will make a difference!

Have a great week and I will see you next Friday with a new challenge!

Stay Happy xoxo

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