Monday, 23 May 2011

Make Up Monday - Mascara Review

This weeks Make Up Monday is going to be a review on the new Volume Fast and Perfect mascaca from Bourjois.

I have used the same mascara for about three years and I really love it but unfortunately it has been reformulated and it's just not the same!  So I have been desperately trying to get the lasts bits that I can out of the tube whilst I have been searching for a new one.  A few people recommended different mascaras to try but there was one in particular that sounded very intriguing and that was the Volume Fast & Perfect mascara which is one of Bourjois newest products to be launched. And better still it was on special offer at Boots for £7.99 instead of £11.99!

The idea behind this product is that it will give you the false lash effect in 30 seconds, it claims to replace your make up artist as it can give the result they would!

The main feature is that the mascara wand rotates at 360 degrees which will coat the lashes from root to tip and guarantees no clumping!

Well, They have set themselves a lot to live up to and in my opinion they haven't quite managed it!
As I pulled the wand out of the tube I noticed there is still quite a lot of mascara on the brush and when I started to apply it to my lashes with the wand rotating it definitely proved to be too much mascara! It was hard to apply with out getting it on the skin of my eye lid and unfortunately it did go on in clumps! I didn't want to write it off straight away so I took it off and tried again, This time though I applied a layer normally and then switched the wand on to rotate to give a second coat! It definitely did give a better result by doing it this way but it was still slightly clumpy. I didn't feel it gave much volume but my lashes are quite straight so I'm sure if I used my lash curlers before I would see a better result.

 This is before (sorry I forgot to turn the flash off!), I have no mascara on at all
And this is after, my lashes are slightly more grouped together rather than all spread out!

The great thing about this product is how black it is!  Its really dark and gives more definition to the eyes. It also has great ingredients in that help condition your eyelashes which include natural waxes, Vitamin E and Jojoba, all of these will help to keep your lashes soft and its suitable to sensitive eyes!

I really really wanted to like this mascara but have to say I am disappointed with it, but I am going to persevere with it, you never know it may grow on me! The idea behind it is great but I don't think it has replaced the false lashes just yet! 

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think? Would be great to hear other peoples feed back or maybe you have some tricks for better application?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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