Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A wedge of hotness!

With summer on its way I'm sure that everyone has been stocking up on flip flops and jewel encrusted sandles that are filling the shelves of our favourite stores. But one key item we must not forget to buy is the wedge heel!

They have been sneaking in to all the fashion magazines over the past month or so, but after Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a pair whilst strolling around the grounds of Buckingham palace the day after the wedding, the world has gone Wedge mad!

The pair our future queen wore were from LK Bennet and as you can imagine flew off the shelves and have now sold out nation wide! But fear not there are plenty of other options! Here are a couple I have found that you may like!

Office have brought out these beauties which come in Red, Aqua and Black and are priced at £60.  
They are featured in Look Magazine this week after Chelsy Davy was spotted trying them on, so hurry girls I feel another sell out coming on!

This pair are from H&M and are available in Black, Tan and Navy & White stripe, they are priced at a very reasonable £14.99. The wedge on these is quite a lot lower which makes them more casual and perfect for the office.

With bright colours being top of the trend list over the next few months we are spoilt for choice with all the shoes and accessories that are available, so don't just brighten up your clothes make sure you rock the colour block all the way down to your feet!

For those of you who aren't great at strutting in heels (and yes I am one of you!), choosing a wedge heel is a great option as your feet have more support and there is less chance of you toppling over, although that may depend on how many cosmopolitans you have had!

I cant wait to wait to come off my crutches so that I can wear nice shoes again, so make sure you leave at least one pair for me!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. I'm in love with those aqua wedges from Office! May have to treat myself!!

    Lauren x


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