Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bridal Nails!

Well I know that most of the wedding fever has now passed after the spectacular royal events of last weekend, but I still have a little bit left to share with you! I had a couple of requests on my Facebook page to do some bridal nail designs so that is exactly what I have done!

Over the past ten years I have helped many brides get ready for their special day whether its doing their hair, make up or nails, It is an honour to be part of the festivities especially when people are telling them how beautiful they are or looking at the photos, you know you are partly responsible!  Now with that honour comes quite a big responsibility as what you do for your bride will be held against you forever in the evidence that will be the wedding photos!  The Hair and Make up in my opinion is the easy part, as it will be such a focal point you know what you need to do for it to look great on camera but sometimes its the smaller details that get a bit forgotten......the nails!

Over the past few years it is a common theme to have a photo taken of the newly weds hands interlocked to show off their sparkling rings, but if you've had a bad shape and paint or your husband has bitten his nails away with nerves it will be there for all to see!
So this is where I can come to the rescue!  The most simple and obvious thing to do is have a manicure, this will ensure your nails are freshly shaped, elegantly painted and not a dry cuticle in sight, but what about the polish?
Well most brides do tend to keep their polish very simple with either a nude or light pink colour or a french polish, but for those of you who are slightly more adventurous I have come up with a few designs that are the perfect finishing touch for your photo ready nails!

 For this design I have taken the classic french polish and simply added a row of nail gems along the tip on the ring finger, you could choose to add the gems to all the nails if you preferred. I used one coat of Heart throb for the base and Alpine Snow for the tip both from OPI 

For this alternative french polish I used Konad plate M56 to give a lacy finish.  For a more subtle look I just used the stamp to create the effect and to make it more definite I used a white nail art paint to add a line under the lacy tip.  I used Suzy and the lifeguard from OPI for the rose colour on the nail.
 This design is perfect for some one who wants to have a simple look as the detail is really delicate. I used Suzy and the lifeguard for the base colour and then using a dotting tool created the flowers using a white nail art paint and then a gold glitter to add the dot in the centre of the flowers.

This fancy french polish is slightly more extravagant but I love it! The white tip is shaped into a point where I have placed a pearl and then using a white nail art paint I created the detailing of curved white lines and then tiny dots starting from the outer edge of the pearl. I used Heart Throb and Alpine Snow from OPI for the varnishes. 

Hopefully these designs have given you some inspiration.  Did you have nail art on you nails for your wedding day? if you did I would love to see what you had.  Or do you have some ideas you would like to share?

One last thing for you to do..... book your groom in for a MAN-icure, you cant have him missing out on all the fun!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. Love these! They are so classy! When I got married I started with the classic French, but it just looked too boring for my personality, so I had the manicurist add some decoration to it in our wedding color: dark purple. The felt so much more me.


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