Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Squeaky Clean!

Being a complete product junkie means that pretty much every part of my daily routine involves some sort of beauty product (its hard not to being a beauty therapist!) and it literally starts from the moment I wake up!

I love my bed and sometimes find myself having to physically drag myself out of it but I have found the perfect wake up cure......Soap & Glory!

As most of you will know from reading some of my previous posts I am a complete S&G addict, but I genuinely do think these products are as good as they say they are.

So it's a common known fact that a cold shower will wake you up but seeing as I feel that verges on the edge of torture I think that keeping the dial on warm and adding a good shower gel will do just the trick!
My favourite shower product is Clean on me, at first I liked it for the smell alone but after using it for about a week I realised that my skin was feeling extra soft too!  This is down to the mandarin peel extract that will have a very subtle ex-foliating effect and a built in moisturiser, and like all the products I have tried from their range it does exactly what it says on the tin by leaving you feeling clean and moisturised!  
This is a mini size that came from a gift set!
The Clean on me comes in a 500ml bottle with a pump dispenser and retails at around £5.00, it also comes in travel sizes too.

So I am already happy with my morning routine, that was until a little package came through the letter box! On twitter @soapandglory had tweeted that they wanted reviews on one of their lip glosses and the first 50 people would receive a free product, well I sent one in and next thing I know I now have another product to add to my collection and my morning routine has become a little bit more fancy!

Peaches and Clean Its a shower gel with ex-foliating beads, with ingredients like Peach and pineapple extracts (fruit enzymes) plus the buffing beads you know its going to smooth and soften the skin a treat. The scent of this product is more fruity but still fresh so you feel nice and clean once you step out the shower!

All you need to do now is finish off with your favourite body moisturiser (bet you cant guess who mines by?!) and your done ( in the bathroom any way).

So if you are anything like me and will hide under the duvet until the last possible minute I'm sure you will like any product that will help ease you in to awakeness!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Squeeky clean and all scrubbed up!

    Thanks for the lush review.

    xx Kendall, S&G HQ - London

  2. Your very welcome,I want everyone to love S&G as much as me! Grace x


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