Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oooooh Glitzy!

Whilst clearing through a box of nail art things that I hadn't seen for ages I found a whole box full of pots of glitter in a huge variety of colours! There was even one to match the nail vanish I had on which is a peachy/coral colour so I thought I would come up with a design that was extra glittery!

The idea with this design is that the glitter is fuller at the tip and less as you go down the nail, giving it a gradient effect.  To get this look I applied Orange Soda from 17 as my base colour and then using a gold glitter nail art paint I dabbed it on to the nail, whilst this was still wet I tapped some burnt orange glitter on top. To get the gradient effect I just applied more to the tip with the orange glitter and then as you look down the nail it fades out to the gold.
On my ring finger I added a couple of gold nail gems - as you can never have too much glitter!  You could add the nail gems to all your fingers, do what ever takes your fancy!

I did the same design using a few different colours so you could see what it would look like, they are on a nail art wheel (I didn't feel like having multi coloured nails!)

I tried to take the photos in different lights but unfortunately my camera hasn't picked it up very well so sorry they aren't the best quality, I think it may be the glitter?!
For these I used  Done Out In Deco (lilac) with purple glitter and Purple nail gems, Russian Navy (navy blue) with lilac glitter and light purple nail gems and Cuckoo For This Colour (green) with silver glitter and clear nail gems.  All the varnishes are from OPI.

This design will work with any colour so you really can put your creative spin on it.

What do you think?  Do you have any glittery nail designs to share?

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Super gorgeous manicure! The rhinestones are a nice touch!

  2. Wow they all look gorgeous :D I am so messy with glitter, I never get it right... I feel a bit inspired to have another go though now :D xx

  3. Thanks ladies! glad you like it.
    @emma, i am really messy too there is still glitter floating around! Give it a go would love to see some pics! x


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