Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Top Knot!

I wont deny it, I am a huge fan of the hit TV show The Hills, every time I watched it, it made me want to be Lauren Conrad a little bit more each time.

Well I may not be able to live the life she does and probably wont ever have the money she does either (although I am still working on that one!), but one thing I can embrace is her style!

On the cover of one of her books Style Lauren has her hair styled in a Top Knot (or Bun depending on what you like to call it!) and I think it looks Stylish and elegant and its the kind of style you can wear for all occasions.

I have tried to recreate this look a few times but despite the fact I have very thick hair it always looked too small and almost ballerina like which is not what I was going for.
Whilst I was rummaging through some of my hairdressing things I came across a doughnut ring which I normally use when I'm doing up do's for brides. I thought with a bit of back combing and the doughnut ring my problem was solved.......Big Bun here I come!

I finally got the look I was going for and although I look nothing like her I feel very Lauren-esc!  I have had a fringe since I was fourteen so sporting a hairstyle where my whole face is exposed was a tad odd at first but now I've gotten used to it I love it!

I love that I can just throw my hair up like this and go, its so simple and takes about 3 minutes to do!
To take this look from day to night all you would have to do is add in a hair accessory and your look will go from casual to glam in seconds!

To see how I achieved this look watch my video tutorial.

What do you think of this style? Are there any celebrity styles you have tried? Or any you would like me to do a video/post on? Let me know.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. I love this style! It's also great for second day hair when you skip a wash and want to have it off your face! Looks great on you xxx

  2. I tried this for a wedding I'm going to, but my hair is too thin and no amount of back-combing could cover the donut! Great tutorial :)

  3. Oooh - that's so easy - I think I'll be toddling off to Boots to get a doughnut!

  4. @the make up fairy, yes I totally agree, perfect on those lazy days!
    @Nail newbie, maybe you could use a couple of small clip in extensions to add more bulk to the hair?
    @Briar Rose a dougnut is definitely a must have in any hair kit!
    Thanks for the comments guys x

  5. Great look! I wear something like this very often!

  6. Your hair looks so pretty. I love my doughnuts- they make hair so easy!

    Following your blog :)



  7. Nailnewbie, just stick some hair extensions in, a couple of small rows around the middle of your crown, will fatten up your bun nicely, or tie your hair into a high pony and get a single track and wrap the seam end around the hair band then secure with another small band. This should work just as well


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