Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Street Chic - Bristol Launch!

On Saturday I went along to the launch of My Street Chic in Cabot Circus in Bristol where they were attempting to create as many Top Knots as possible in one day! As you know I love a good top knot so it sounded like a good plan to me!

Top Knotting in action!

Not only were there hairdressers from Robin James on hand to get you top knotted, a team from Bobbi Brown were there carrying out mini make overs and the ladies from the Sanctuary were completing the chic-overs with a mini manicure! You literally could walk away glamed up and ready for your Saturday night adventures!

As if all of that wasn't enough the My Street Chic team were giving away goodie bags which were full of great products!

 Inside my reusable My Street Chic material bag was a bottle of Vitamin water, A full size can of Batiste coloured dry shampoo, A texturising styling spray for beachy waves from Tommy Gunns, Lip liner from 2True, Perfume sample, MyStreetChic Lip balm and discount vouchers and some Jelly Belly beans.....To sum up - AMAZING!

 The My Street Chic team Gina, Sian and Penny

Whilst I was there they did a small video interview with me (eeek), one of the questions they asked me was "what does chic mean to me?",
My answer - chic to me was someone who has the confidence to make their own style, someone who shows their individuality through their style and is happy doing it!

MyStreetChic.com is the perfect website for embracing your own style and showing it off, and if you have yet to grab your own style by the horns why not take a look and get some inspiration from some of the other Bristol Fashionista out there! It's free to join and you can put photos on your own profile and become part of your very own fashion community! It's a great concept and one I cant believe hasn't been done before, so now that My Street Chic is here what are you waiting for, reveal your inner fashion goddess to the world! The website will definitely put Bristol on the fashion map and will be making its way to many other Cities over the UK.

By the end of the launch the team had completed 66 top knots which is amazing! It is now set as the world record for the number of top knots achieved in one day!
Gina Dyers, Editor of My Street Chic had this to say about the event "We are absolutely thrilled to have set the record for the highest number of topknots completed in a day! MyStreetChic.com is all about reflecting the trends as they’re interpreted by real people down your street, so we’re delighted that so many Bristolians turned out to help us achieve this"
Here Javier from Robin James works his magic creating a record breaking top knot and some finished creations (photos courtesy of Browyn Hayward)

 For more info either take a look at their website and you can follow the @MyStreetChic team on twitter

So what does CHIC mean to you?

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x 

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  1. Thanks for the mention Grace. We're so glad you had a good time! It was soo much fun! x


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