Monday, 27 June 2011

Make Up Monday - Primers

With the amazing weather we had yesterday meaning an increase in "my make up is melting off" tweets I thought that it would be a good time to do a Make Up Monday on cosmetic Primers!

Even though I am a make up artist I used to be a bit dubious of primers, in fact I thought they were a waste of time and in the end stopped using them! But my view has now changed and that is due to the increased quality of the products that are now available compared to what was around just a few years ago!

Primers are a must, especially for photographic and bridal work. The idea behind them is to give you a good even base to work on and also help your make up stay where you put it all day! I don't know why they are so different now but they are and I'm going to show you my favourites that are in my kit!

 That Gal from benefit is a creamy pink primer that has brightening agents in, it gives a smooth finish to work on and is a great summer product for those of you who like to brave it with out foundation! You use a small amount and apply over the whole face to give a fresh and bright look, then apply make up as normal.

Lemon Aid colour correcting primer from benefit. Its a pale lemon coloured cream that when applied to the eyes will even out any discolouration on the eye lid. I love this product as it gives you an even base to work on or you could where it on its own.

 The Primer palette from sleek comprises of 12 coloured primer creams for the eyes. This is a great palette to have as when you are creating full coloured eye looks it will give you a great base, will keep the eye shadow in place but best of all will give your colour more depth as you are working on a coloured base rather than a white/cream one! at around £6.50 this is a bargin product!

Lip Plump from benefit is great for getting fuller looking lips. Its neutral in colour so will make your favourite red lippy stand out! It works by giving the lips a smooth finish and also helps to fill fine lines which will give you the perfect pout!

There are loads of different primers out there but these are just a couple of my favourite ones! The nice thing with the benefit products I've mentioned is that I originally got them as part of sets, they were trial sizes which is great as you can give them a go before splashing the cash on the full sizes!

What do you guys think of primers? Are there any you would recommend? Let me know.

I hope you all have a great Make Up Monday.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. Does 'that gal' do anything for longevity, out of interest?


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