Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tweet Meet

Last week in Bristol I managed to hop along (I almost mean that quite literally as I'm still on crutches!) to a tweet meet that had been arranged by Laura Kilby from Whats hot Bristol. It was an opportunity to meet fellow twitter members in our area. For some it would have been a great networking opportunity from a business point of view and for others it was purely a socialising event.

It was held at Whitelock & Grace, a boutique bar which is known for its cocktails. There was food that had been provided by Chandos deli and amazing sweet treats from Harts Bakery.

The organiser Laura from What's Hot Bristol

Some of the yummy treats Laura from Harts Bakery provided, If your not in Bristol you are missing out on something seriously good!
My gorgeous Mama, Me with Kirsten from The wedding helper, and the stylish bar at Whitelock & Grace

There were loads of people there, it was really nice to meet new people and nice to chat on twitter to the ones I didn't get a chance to talk to on the night.
It was a great evening and I would say to anyone that gets the chance to go along to a tweet meet definitely go, you just never know who you may meet!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Are those tiny meringues? Om nom nom, I may have to go and have a look for them when I'm next in Bristol!

  2. Iv'e never heard of a tweet meet before!!

  3. @Robyn, yes they are and they were really yummy! A must for when you come to bristol next!
    @adoreabubbles I hadn't either but now I keep hearing about them! Must keep eyes peeled for more outings! x


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