Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Summer Nails

In this months copy of Cosmopolitan there is a summer beach beauty section and one of the models has a really summery nail design on her toes (which it says she did herself!).
This is the original design in Cosmopolitan
As my feet are no where near ready for a summer outing and certainly not in a fit state to be anywhere near a camera I have recreated the look on my finger nails!

I used Fiercely Fiona from OPI for the yellow base and then used nail art paints for the designs. 

In the magazine the model said she uses cocktail sticks / tooth picks to paint the design which is a great tip for any one who doesn't have nail art brushes. They also used nail varnish instead of nail art paint so recreating this design is easy as you can use things you already have!

I have used roughly the same colours as they have in the magazine but you could use what ever you like and put your own creative twist on it! This design is great for the summer and its super simple to do. 

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. I used to use cocktail sticks for designs on nails all the time so they do work! I saw this design and thought it was really cute, too.

  2. Hey it looks nice ! :)
    Xx. S

  3. Thanks ladies! I can't stop looking at my nails! haha x

  4. Pretty, they look great :-) x

  5. Really brilliant! You have a talent xxx

  6. Thats a really nice summer nail look! Loving the yellow OPI :)


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