Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why thank you.....You're too kind!

Well recently I have been award two blogger awards which is really lovely!

First of all was a TOP TEN award!
The rules are you have to link back to the person who awarded you, list your 10 favourite products and then award your Top 10 bloggers, so here goes!

The lovely Ev from Mozzarella & Make Up awarded me (thank you very much!).

1.Cool Palette - Nars
2.Dallas - Benefit
3.Lasting Finish mineral enriched foundation - Rimmel
4.Rosy Lips - Vaseline
5.That Gal primer - Benefit
6.Falsies Mascara - Maybeline
7.Glow Job Moisturiser - Soap & Glory
8.Suger Grapefruit Hand Cream - Love & Toast
9.Luminous Pressed Powder - Sleek
10.Erase Paste - Benefit

TOP TEN BLOGGERS (in no particular order)
A little less of lauren
Kawii Nail Art
Budget Beauty Queen
Catherine Loves
Ditzy Glamour
Emilys Nail Files
Flossies Beauty Love
Glitter and Carousels
Make Up and Macaroons

Then I was awarded a Stylish Bloggers award! The Rules are to link back to the person who awarded you, give 7 facts about yourself and then award 15 bloggers!

The lovely Veronica from Chic and Shiny and Lady Luck from Lady Luck awarded me (thank you!).

1. My favourite colour is pink
2. I have a Deutsch hound called Jonny
3. My favourite vegetable are courgettes
4. I was once in the paper for being the best beauty therapist in Bristol
5. I was almost on the 6 o'clock news giving skin care advice for an elephant at Bristol zoo!
6. My middle name is Isobel (named after my grandma)
7. My favourite cake is cherry red velvet cake with cream cheese icing! Yum Yum!

Colores de Carol
Crashing Red
Daisy Gin
Dolly Bow Bow
Fat Frocks
Gettin Girlie
Hello Cupcake
I can't believe you made that
Inner Belle
Blush Blend Beauty
Its always summer on the inside
The random world of Jen
The bristol Beauty Blog

Wow, so there you go! You have plenty of reading to do now, if you don't follow these blogs already they are definitely worth a peek!

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Awww Grace! (best name ever) thanks so much! :D xxx

  2. That's so lovely, thank you so much for the mention! I'm flattered I'm in your top 10!! x x x

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  4. Aww wow! Thankyou so much for mentioning my blog, it has made my day! I've seen a few people get blog awards, I think it's so cool. xx

  5. Congratulations on your awards
    You can now add another one to that if you've not had it already :)
    I have awarded you http://sassy-rambling.blogspot.com/2011/06/best-blog-award.html xxx

  6. Hey! I tagged you in a few awards. I don't want to link spam you though, so if you're interested you can find a link to my blog on my profile. :)

  7. aaw thanks hun!
    I love a list of new blogs to read, nice to discover new things xx

  8. Your all very welcome lovelies, and thank you very much for the congrats! xoxo

  9. Oh Grace, sorry for taking soo long! Finally collecting my award LOL and THANK you VERY much for awarding me! It is appreciated - see I remembered this for so long!


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