Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tie Dye Nails!

After seeing Tie Dye has become a must have print for the coming season in the magazines it conjured up all sorts of images in my mind, the main one being a tie dye T-shirt I loved when I was younger.....I know I was too cool for school even when I was young (NOT!)!

The main problem with fashion trends like loud coloured prints is that it tends to be something you wear for a short amount of time and then it really doesn't fit in with the next passing trend, this also means that you may end up splashing the cash and not really get your moneys worth of wear from your fashion purchases! Well I have a small solution which will help you stay on trend but with out having to spend the money!

Use your nails as fashion accessories, you are more than likely going to already have nail varnishes and I have the designs so problem solved!

 This Tie Dye design is the perfect way to add colour and be completely on trend
 I have used three colours to create my look, Catch me in your netFiercely Fiona & Shorts story all from OPI. I also used Nail Eny as my base coat and Start-To-Finish as my Top coat.
To get this look simply apply your chosen colours in lines and whilst they are still wet use a nail art tool or coctail stick and drag the colours through each line which creates the tie dye look!

With this design is you can use what ever varnishes you want to go with an outfit or just pick out your favourite colours. Another thing you could do is paint a thin layer of colour as a base, this will show through ever so slightly if any gaps appear where you have dragged the colours through.

If you want to see exactly how I did this design please take a look at my tutorial!
I hope you like this design and if you do recreate it I would love to see so send me some pics on facebook or twitter!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Awesome! That looks really cool!

  2. Just fabulous! I would like that please!

  3. LOVE this, such a great on trend tutorial. Defo trying this out xxx

  4. LOVE this look and that you did a video tutorial! it makes it so much easier to figure out how to do it. I'm so impressed with how neatly you painted that!

  5. Those nails are FANTASTIC!!! Love it!

  6. Thanks lovelies, so glad you like the design! x


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